Crunchy Peanut Butter Oat Caramel and Nut Crumble Bars

These bars.

One word. AAAAAAaaaaaaammmmmmmmmazzzzzzing.

Actually, there is more then one word to describe these but I could go on for ages and ages.

I am a huge fan of peanut butter but even more bigger fan of oats, so if your a fan of oats and peanut butter then you’ll love these. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed eating these, they are probably one of the best bars I’ve made (and I think my new favourite, yes I said it!) and I have made plenty. My other favourites have included is the Mincemeat crumble bars, (one of my aunts fav) these are pretty good, they’re eggless and quite similar to shortbread. The other bars I made which were quite popular was Oat and coconut gooey caramel barsPecan pie bars, Peanut butter pretzel bars (these are pretty awesome, also eggless and no bake). There are others as well but it just takes to long to type them all!

Back to these beauties, I just don’t think I can comprehend how great they are and I don’t think I have been addicted to a bar just as much I was to this one! They are salty, sweety, caramely, chocolatey, oaty, like what else do you need right? The original recipe called for dulche de leche and used caramel as a replacement but feel free to use it if you have some lying round. I also added my own twist on it, to be more caramely and slightly more chocolately by using rolos. I think even typing this up also made me really want to eat bake them again, which is saying something! They are not the most healthiest of bars so I do need to control. These are quite similar to the mincemeat crumble bars in the way there are two layers and one mix. The bottom layer is pressed down and the top is crumbled on top (the best bit). 

I actually made these for my sister in law and cheekily kept some for my blog post but I’m so glad I did. Hopefully she liked them, she’s a peanut butter and oat fan like me. I’m so happy I came across this recipe and will definitely be making these again and again!

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Oat and Coconut Gooey Caramel Bars

These gooey bad boys are definitely not good for the waist line, they have a huge amount of butter and sugar and use two tins of condensed milk, yes you heard it right > TWO TINS<, heart attack waiting to happen!

I made these little treats for Diwali giveaways, as you know, me making these weren’t helping with the rest of the fatty, sugary food we have lol, oh well. It only happens once a year right?

I really loved the oat and coconut base in these bars, I haven’t used a coconut with oats in a base before, or not that I can remember. It gave a nice texture and taste and I will consider using it again.

I did have an issue with these are the caramel layer just didn’t set properly leaving it very gooey and unset :(. It had to be kept in the fridge otherwise it was a complete mess! The other thing I really, really loved about these bars was obvs the chocolate topping, as it was chunky it just made it even better, who doesn’t like chunky thick chocolate, yummy!


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Eggless Blueberry Jam Crumble Bars


One of my aunts love, love, love my mincemeat crumble bars, actually not just her but a number of people love them too! They are rich, buttery, sticky and gooey. I usually make them at Christmas time but sometime even during other seasons as they are so yummy. They have ground almonds in which I think make them so much more yummy. The crumble topping gives it texture. These bars are easy to make and even easier to eat, they down quite quickly.

This time I thought I would replace the mincemeat with Blueberry Jam, I’ve always wanted to replace the mincemeat with something else and thought the sound of blueberries and almonds work really well.

The recipe is on this link, just change the mincemeat with blueberry jam or strawberry jam, apricot, cherry or whatever jam you prefer!


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Pecan Pie bars

I have always wanted to make pecan pie but instead of making a pie I made them into bars. I always get scared of making pies and tarts. I have made bars before and they have worked better. I thought this would be more of a safe bet espically as pecans aren’t the cheapest nuts around. These bars were actually made for my cousins but I sneaked a few bars to try for myself hehehe, well I have wanted to try them for a long time!

I liked the sticky topping but I found the base a bit soft. The original recipe called for a salted caramel topping but I didn’t include this as I thought it may of been too sweet and I’m glad I didn’t as it would have been. I wish I used light brown sugar instead of dark brown as it looks a bit dark. Or many I will use half of each sugars.

I think I may try this recipe with others nuts maybe hazelnuts or walnuts. I did like it and it was easy to make and I liked adding the addition of nuts on the base too.

Pecan Pie Bars Pecan Pie Bars2 Pecan Pie Bars3 Pecan Pie Bars4 Pecan Pie Bars5 Pecan Pie Bars6

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The ultimate Guinness brownies for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day this year, I wanted to make a little something special this year, I made my dad these luxurious, rich dark Guinness Chocolate brownies and he absolutely loved them. I usually make the Hummingbird brownie recipe and he usually loves that but he liked these more. Well not as much as my mum who just kept of eating them!!! lol 

I actually adjusted the original recipe as and added a bit of brown sugar and coffee just to change the texture and taste. I think by adding the brown sugar, it added to the extra googeyness!

For those of you that wanted to make Father’s Day a little magical, by making these brownies you would get a very happy daddy :).

Love you Dad, your the best!

Guiness BrowniesGuiness Brownies2Guiness Brownies3Guiness Brownies4 Guiness Brownies5Guiness Brownies6Guiness Brownies7Guiness Brownies8Guiness Brownies9

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Panforte Squares

Panforte Squares are an italian Christmas fruit cake, originating from Siena Italy, it’s traditionally served after a meal with coffee or dessert wine. It’s filled with nuts, dried fruit and has the taste of Christmas. It’s sticky, rich, nutty and taste sooooo amazing and I love it. It’s really addictive. 

It’s quite simple to make and doesn’t take very long. I seen this in the Asda magazine and it looked so tempting and as I really love nuts it made me what to make it more. This little square is quite the little luxury.

Panforte Panforte2 Panforte3 Panforte5 Panforte4 Panforte6 

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Oooey Gooey Salted Peanut Caramel Snickers Bars

These bars are really rich and gooey. They’re ideal for those who love caramel, peanuts and snickers! All my favs and nearly what’s in a snickers bar too! 
Whilst I making the dough I did feel I should have made double the amount, there didn’t seem that much mixture to pack in an 8’ tin (this was quite tricky and messy be warned loll) in the end the dough did slightly expand in the oven and I was satisfied with the results.
For the caramel layer I used my caramel recipe which is really easy to make, but you can use shop brought caramel sauce as well. 

Snicker-caramel-barsSnicker-caramel-bars2Snicker-caramel-bars3Snicker-caramel-bars4Snicker-caramel-bars5Snicker-caramel-bars6Snicker-caramel-bars7[yumprint-recipe id=’86’] 

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Carrot cake for breakfast

I do have this love for carrot cake but wanted to a healthy version for breakfast. I made this recipe up for carrot cake oat breakfast bars.

These bars is dense and quite moist and chewy texture. I’m sure you can add whatever ingredients you want. 

carrot cake oat bars carrot cake oat bars2carrot cake oat bars5carrot cake oat bars7carrot cake oat bars6carrot cake oat bars3carrot cake oat bars4

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Peanut butter pretzels bars OHHH MYYYY GOSH these are so aaamazing!

I would just like to say that these bars come with a ☞ ⚠ ☜ warning, a warning for being soooooo addictive!!

They are the treats that you know you should stop eating but you just can’t as they taste so damn good and I mean sooooooooo good. I’m in ♥ love ♥.

For those of you that are haters of peanut butter, I have given it to the haters and they feel in love, yeh very deep in love with them! So give them a go you won’t regret making them, you probably be very annoyed I introduced you to them.

The other amazing thing about these are that they don’t need baking, yippee you only need one bowl to combine them together and another for the chocolate. Okayyy so two bowls for these fantastic bars not such a big deal.


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Snicker style cake bars

Snickers are just too amazinggggg I have this real love for them, not only me my whole family do as well…they have everything nuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate so what’s not to love? when I see any recipes relating to snickers I get so excited I want to try them all!!! but I know they are quite fatty so I have made a pact with myself that I will only make them as a treat. 

I had seen this recipe a while ago and was drooling at my screen and decided it’s time to use that treat card especially as it was for my birthday weekend. 

According to the recipe I thought these bars would be the same as having a snickers bar and I imagined that the base of the bars would be a chewy cake texture a bit like nougat, but they were more cake like then the chewy cake texture so I wouldn’t say they are what I imagined and wasn’t as nice as I expected but they were nice but in a different way. I also made the caramel quite dark(I looked at the shade of caramel from the recipe) when I should have left it slightly more caramel colour as the caramel did taste a bit burnt also this caramel did take a very long time to make. I would recommend using the caramel sauce from this recipe, it doesn’t take as long and it’s just as good or even better. These bars taste better a day or two after it’s been made I think the flavour sinks in a lot more.

These are nice but they are no comparison to an actual snickers bar. I would try then if you want to try more of a cakey bar, they are not hard to make and would be great to give as a gift.

snickers-cake-barssnickers-cake-bars2 snickers-cake-bars3snickers-cake-bars4 snickers-cake-bars5 snickers-cake-bars6 snickers-cake-bars7

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