Hey, Hi and Hello, I’m from the UK and I created this website as a hobby to explore baking and improve on my photography skills, which I still throughout the years am no better then other awesome bloggers out there, but I will keep on giving it a go.

I’m not an expert cook but I enjoy cooking, baking and experimenting with recipes and flavours. I especially love baking only as I love eating cake and anything sweet, I’m definitely like a fat kid who loves cake.

I love all type of cuisine and trying new foods, I would say I’m quite fussy with flavour, I’m into quite strong flavours so I’m always adding a bit more salt, pepper and spice to my food. My recipes are generally adjusted to my stronger palette so please bear that in mind. My mission is to try to improve my recipes and adjust other recipes to my taste. I would say my biggest food critic is my mum, if it passes her test then I’m happy, she will tell me what’s needed and what’s missing.

I’m a Pescatarian (yes had to look that up on Google on how to spell…for those who are unsure it means ‘is the practice of a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals’) but saying that I don’t really eat much seafood or fish I have a diet mainly of Vegis and the occasional cake! I’m also interested in healthy recipes for lunch, dinner and snacks.

As a day job I’m a Graphic Designer and if you have a chance check my website out www.thecreativecookie.co.uk.

I hope you see something on Love. Eat. Sleep. Food which inspires you. 


LESF(Love. Eat. Sleep. Food)  xo