I do like having healthy snacks, it’s important to have a balance from all the cake I’ve been eating!!! I saw a recipe for these date and seed bars and instantly wanted to try them. Generally, when you buy healthy bars they’re really pricey! These were simple and easy to make and not pricey too.

I adjusted Nadia’s recipe, Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen, she’s an amazing blogger, she’s there for the times you really want something sweet but not full of carbs and all that sugar, check her out! Nadia in her recipe made her bars nut free for those who have allergies, her replacement was tahini and although I like tahini I prefer peanut butter much more!

I added peanut butter to replace the tahini and any nuts I had around the house. I made these for my parents to take them on their holiday and they absolutely loved them, and I did too. Also I would like to add these can be made vegan if you replace the honey with maple syrup or any other sweetener. As they full of seeds and nuts they have a lot of protein in them, which is ideal for a pick me up.

These bars were utterly delicious and they’re not overly sweet, and the chocolate just tops it off. I can’t wait to make them again, and it’s will my go-to for a healthy bar. So for all of you that want something quick, easy and delicious, these bars are the one.

Date, Seed and Nut bars

A crunchy, nutty, chocolately, bar which is healthy and delicious
Prep Time 10 minutes



  • 120 g Mixed Seeds and nuts (chopped)
  • 75 g Peanut butter (runny)
  • 20 g Honey
  • 100 g Dates (chopped)

Chocolate layer

  • 100 g Dark Chocolate
  • 1 tsp Coconut oil


  • 1. In a bowl add the ingredients, making sure that the peanut butter is runny (if not you can always heat it in a microwave to melt). Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix until everything is evenly distributed.
    2. Place the mixture in a container or a load tin (21x11cm)and press down using a spatula.
    3. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in the microwave for 30 secs bursts, until it's fully melted.
    4. Pour the chocolate on top, then refrigerate until set 1-2 hours or can be left overnight.
    5. Slice into bars, once set.


I used a mixture of seeds (pumpkin & sunflower) and nuts (almonds, cashews & pecans) which all accumulated to 120g. You can use whatever seeds and nuts you desire but I made sure they are cut to a sameish size.