I follow MOB Kitchen on Instagram and these beauties popped up on my insta feed. Anything oat usually gets my attention straight away as I have a slight obsession. I have my own version of crumble bars (these don’t have any oats though) which I have made a number of times and have used a variety of different fillings such as Mincemeat (mainly for Xmas time but I still make it even in different seasons, as why not?) Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry jam the filling is so versatile that you can use whatever you fancy. I have also an Oat chocolate, caramel version that is super duper delicious.

SO, you probably thinking, why the Mob recipe? well, the nice thing about their recipe is it uses melted butter, which makes is so quick and super easy! therefore it’s means quicker time to enjoy these bars!

I made these dairy-free and replaced the margarine with vegan butter and it worked out fine. I used frozen blueberries and cherries, however, I would suggest using fresh as this contained too much water! I was so excited to make these that I used whatever fruit I had and I only had a large amount in the freezer!

These bars were really tasty and loved the addition of the lemon. It will be something I would make again as I prefer this super quick version. I will also try using different fillings.