For those of y’all who love those luxurious chocolates, this cheesecake is for you!

I had a vision of making a chocolate layered cheesecake. I’m not a fan of white chocolate, therefore I left the first layer as vanilla flavoured. I used the Lindt milk and dark chocolate for the other layers. Like usual I looked at Jane’s patisserie for a recipe. This time, however I tweaked her recipe, instead of normal digestives I used chocolate digestives to get even more of that chocolate experience.

Well, apart from the cheesecake being easy to do. The layering this was so time consuming and messier then I thought it would be! Also I thought the layers weren’t as visual as I wanted it to be. Oh well!

This cheesecake was very rich and creamy and the taste of Lindt really came through, these mini size was just right size for dessert. So delicious! hopefully you will enjoy it too.