Pecan pie is one of those classic pies that will never go out of fashion. If you love pecans and spices then this one definately hits the spot. It’s such an autumnal dessert and usually ate at thanks giving in America.

Pecan pie filling traditionally usually contains corn syrup in but the UK doesn’t stock that in the supermarket. So I found recipe that used maple syrup instead.

I had to make this dairy free. I used my original recipe of the Black forest tart for the pastry and then replaced butter with free from butter and added enough water to combine. However if eat butter then follow the original (use half the recipe if your making mini pies).

My biggest fear in baking is making pastry, so I always get nervous, however it held the shape and worked. For these pecan pies I used a small pecan cases instead of a large pie case. I pre-baked the pie crust to make sure that I didn’t have a raw pastry bottom.

The filling for the pecan pie was really easy to make and was so delicious, it will be something I will make again and again. Also if I am running out of time, I will use shop brought pastry and use the filling.

This filling was so delicious, I could taste the maple and spices and that with the contrast of the crunchy pecans, I was in heaven.