I was looking at this recipe book I got from the Good Food Show it was a lovely little recipe book with quite a few traditional recipes. I seen a recipe for a traditional bakewell tart and it mentioned that the it originated in Bakewell (Derbyshire) I was sooooooo shocked firstly I didn’t even know Bakewell existed and secondly I didn’t know it was in Derbyshire. I wasn’t sure if I’m being dumb or do most people not know that Bakewell existed?
Anywayyyyy I was actually looking at the recipe book at work and was like OMMMMMGGGGG did you know that Bakewell is in Derby and my colleagues at work were like yes didn’t you know that?…so the answer to my question was yeh I was being dumb!!!!…My colleagues said that Bakewell is a lovely little quaint ¬†village and I should go there one day…So I did. It was a lovely place and really nice village although it is quite small so it didn’t take long to go around but it’s not far from Matlock so I suggest to go there as well.
Whilst in the hometown of the famous tart I had to get one, there is a few traditional bakers I choose one and I want I didn’t realise was that the famous tart wasn’t a tart! it’s actually a pudding! it has pastry and jam and a topping basically the same but when I tried it I didn’t like it as much as a standard Bakewell tart, I prefer the structure and taste of the original tart.

bakewell-pudding bakewell-pudding2