As it was my birthday and a special one I wanted to eat out somewhere which was special. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a long time, there are a few people that have recommend it and say it’s a nice meal to go to for a special occasion, I thought why not for my birthday? 

Maiyango is a 4* hotel as well a restaurant based in Leicester. I have been to Maiyango for drinks before they have a nice selection of cocktails and mocktails. It had a nice relaxed atmosphere.

They are a fine dining restaurant I’ve not been to many fine dining restaurants I’m more of a rustic homely food eater however I don’t mind going anywhere or trying anything(well almost lol). I was really excited about trying it out. I do think that fine dining has a bad reputation of being pretentious and serving small portions which worried me, I thought would I actually get full from the food??? 

My friend made the booking for the restaurant I wanted it for 7.30pm but they say they could only do 7pm which was fine and she managed to book a booth which was amazing I love going to restaurant where they have comfy seating. It was a lovely thought and I’m glad my friend asked for that especially as it’s made for a larger group. The restaurant is decorated really nice especially the booths, they have a Moroccan theme with hanging lanterns and rich dark complementary colours, mahogany tables and stain glassed candle holders.

Maiyango2 Maiyango

After our waitress took our order we decided to go for the 2 course meal. We were surprised to be greeted with appetisers, which I forgot to take a photo of ooops! they consisted of salmon mousse, spicy popcorn and fried squid. I wasn’t keen on the spicy popcorn as I felt it had gone soft, the other two were nice. It was a really nice surprise and I wasn’t expecting to have any appertisers, I’ve never had that at any other restaurant.


We were offered fresh warm bread once we had ordered which was a nice espically as the bread was warm, I didn’t think too much to the bread I found it slightly doughy.

My friend wanted a starter, I wanted to have a dessert so I skipped the starters she ordered spring vegetable risotto, chargrilled chilli paneer, coriander spring roll. 

When my friend’s dish came it looked nice but she did say it slightly lacked in flavour, she wasn’t totally impressed.


After that we were served a chilli mango sorbet as a palette cleanser. I really enjoyed it. This would make a lovely refreshing dessert too, but my friend wasn’t too keen.


For the mains I decided to go for fillet of seabass, chorizo, aubergine and olive fricasee, chargrilled fennel and sundried tomato reduction. I also ordered a side portion of chips.
As I don’t eat red meat I asked if it was possible to remove the chorizo from the dish which they were happy to do so. I really enjoyed my dinner, the fish wasn’t over cooked, it taste fresh and the skin was crispy. The aubergine and olive was flavoursome although the aubergine for me could have been cooked for slightly longer.

I was very very disappointed with my chips, I only had a few due to the fact they were undercooked. I wasted so many, I should have complained. I don’t understand how a 4* restaurant could serve undercooked chips! very disappointed.


With a bit of a recommendation from me, I told my friend to go for the Morrocan spiced rump of lamb, sprouting broccoli and turmeric potatoes, cherry tomato and chilli jam, she ordered a side portion of herb mash.

She really enjoyed her dish, however another disappointment her potatoes in her lamb dish was undercooked also. I’m not sure what the issue was but for both dishes to come with raw potatoes is unbelievable! she said she was glad she ordered her side mash.


They served their salt and vinegar in a different way, I was expecting a salt shaker, slightly different and very posh.

So then it came to the grand finale my chocolate dessert which my friend kindly asked to write a happy birthday message on the plate which was so sweet of her. I was really looking forward to this…chocolate textures, milk chocolate shake, white chocolate and cardamom ice cream, dark chocolate brownie, cocoa nib tuile. 
The brownie was really nice, soft and crunchy at the top, the milk chocolate milkshake I thought would have been nicer if it was thicker. There was a lot of cardamon in the icecream but I didn’t mind that.

Maiyango11 Maiyango12

Overall I really enjoyed my experience the service was attentive, they also provided us with water and kept topping us up and were friendly. I have given it three stars as both side potatoes were undercooked and it’s unforgivable, however I would go again and if I have issues with any of the food I will complain next time. Most the food was tasty and I liked the little added extras like the appetisers and warm bread. I would only go for a special occasion and only go once I have checked the menu and there is something I would want to eat.

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Website: Maiyango