Hidden(for me) in one of the arcades in Leeds that I haven’t been to is a lovely Vegetarian cafe.

I wasn’t sure if this place would be busy as I know how much the northerns love their meat but when I went in I was pleasantly surprised it was nearly full. I also wasn’t sure being a vegetarian cafe if it would be a bit hippyish too but that wasn’t the case too. I know I know the last two statements I made were full of generalisations!!!! naughty.

I love the rusticness the cafe had and the place mats were a cute touch. They had a variety of different world wide cuisines, they had a wide variety of starters, mains, sandwiches, soups and desserts. Some of the dishes were vegan as well. I wanted a salad so I went for halloumi one it came with chick peas and olives. I was cheeky and I really fancied some hummus so I asked and they were more then happy to let me have it. This came in a small separate pot, it was really nice and I assume it was homemade. The portion size was big and there was a good amount of halloumi, there was a separate dressing that was shared between the tables that was I was given. The dressing was nice but I do think there should have been a few of these though as I wanted a bit more but it was taken from me. My friend had the falafel and pita, these came with salad. I tried the falafels were really tasty the portion size was big and probably a little too big for lunch for myself. 
rootsnfruits3rootsnfruits4The cafe had a really relaxed feel with vegetarian cooking magazines it’s nice to relax there, I assume it was a husband/wife team who owned the cafe and they were really pleasant and friendly. The service was really good and made you feel at ease.

I would come here again the food is fresh and tasty, the prices are reasonable and you didn’t feel rushed when you ate there.

Overal: ★★★★☆

Website: Roots and fruits