Afternoon Tea’s are getting quite a big thing now don’t you think? and I’m a fan. When I think of them I think of posh ladies being proper and dressing up which makes me feel like I have a to be a proper and dress fancy lol.

I was looking forward to having an afternoon tea at Hotel La Tour, I’ve stayed at their hotel before and really liked their rooms and service. I had to ring up to arrange a time for the afternoon tea and also mention that I’m a Pesciatrian (also the group I was with didn’t mind having the same) and any of the desserts couldn’t have gelatine in. The lady on the phone noted down all my requirements and guaranteed that my dietary requirements would be catered for on the day of my afternoon tea.

When the day of the afternoon tea came I was really excited. They have a bar/lounge area where the afternoon tea takes place and have some really nice funky high chairs they do catch your eye when you walk in I like the subtle grey decor and the black and white photographs hanging on the wall. The waiter asked our name before he seated us, we were a group of 4 people and we were seated on a low back sofa and chairs opposite. I presumed after talking my name he might have known that our dietary requirements from my phone call previously however he didn’t have any idea and I had to explain it to him again. He said that he make smoke salmon sandwiches, tuna and some vegetarian sandwiches which we fine with. We were asked which drink we wanted there was a number of options on the menu they provided. When it arrived we sat and drank and waited for our food to arrive. 

La-tour5 La-tour

When it did arrived their was three tiers to it, the waiter explained the whole of the layers, the top one had bread sticks with a cheesy dip and then he ran through what was in sandwiches, however we didn’t get what we expected. The sandwiches were all vegetarian and non of them have contained fish in them, I wanted to complain but non of my friend would let me. I was bit disappointed, but apart from that it all looked really appetising and well presented. I loved the little dishes the jam and quenelle cream were served in, the sandwiches did look fresh and nicely stacked. The dessert layer looks amazing, cute and tasty. 

I started with the bread stick and cheesy dip, it was rich but I liked it, I’m not sure it was to everyones taste though. I liked the idea, I don’t think I’ve seen bread stick and cheese dip included in a afternoon tea. Next I tried the sandwiches there was cheese and pickle, hummus and vegetable, cucumber and cheese and tomato, these were really really disappointing bland and unimaginative the only one I liked was the hummus one.

La-tour2I moved on to the scones which were still warm there was two plain scones and two fruit scones. The cream was really thick and jam was yummy. I did find the scones slightly on the dry side.

La-tour3 La-tour4By that time we finished our drinks and we were asked it wanted another we were wondering if we have to pay for it or is it part of the deal anyway we all ordered another drink (we found out later it was part of the deal, the only one which are not is the alcoholic ones). They cleared some of the plates and we had the dessert layer to complete (my favourite part hehe). I was getting full at that moment, but I was determined to finish off the desserts. We slowly eat through the desserts, for me the lime cake was soft and moist and tasted really nice, I liked the brownie next and then the biscuit and then macaroon.  

They were quite attentive and polite although drinks did take a while to come and so did our food, but I did enjoy the whole experience apart from sandwiches. I would recommend going as we weren’t rushed, all in all we spent 4 hours there! yes 4 hours my bum did get numb but no one told us to leave it was very relaxed.