My obsession with fish and chips still grows and grows and I’m continuing to seek out perfection to my obsession.

The Brewery Tap is part of the Derby brewery company pubs. I was visiting Derby (shopping really) and fancied eating fish and chips for dinner at a pub and pre surfed the net to find which one had hand cut chips and found it at the Queens Head this was the first time I ate at the pub a year or two ago. The fish and chips were nice, big portion, crispy fish, hand cut chips and homemade tartar sauce. The only thing for me was I needed the fish to be seasoned, however I was impressed with the home made tartar sauce and hand cut chips.


Sorry about the terrible photo.

My family wanted to go out for a pub meal and I suggested we try another of their chains the Brewery Tap. I would say not being from Derby this pub was a bit out of nowhere! when entering the pub inside the bar area was straight entering and there was dining areas to the right and left, I liked the comfy seating, actually loved it! I’m a fan of cushiony seating. I started with a strawberry beer it was sweet and yummy, it’s not as sweet as cider though! After my experience at the The Queen’s head I wanted the fish to be seasoned before being battered, so my dad asked if this was possible and it was no problem to them which was great. When the food came out there was no difference with the The Queen’s head version it looked the same and the portion. I would say it was slightly more tastier but still I had to add more salt and vinegar…I was wondering is it just me? do I have flavour problems?! eeeekkk! I don’t know but my parents did have the same issue! O dear.

brewery-tap3My brother who’s a vegetarian went for a Falafel and Halloumi burger which all the toppings! and I mean all the toppings (apart from meat of course)! It was totally overloaded! I’m not sure how he managed to finish it but I suppose he’s a guy he’s somehow capable. I tried the burger and it was quite tasty, I’m not sure if it needed all the extras?!!! My brother did say he enjoyed his meal.

I defiantly couldn’t manage a dessert, I was wayyyyyyy too full.

By the way there is also another chain in town if you don’t want to go out of town, but I wasn’t sure if it would be full of people wanting to drink so I chose the one out of town for a quite meal.

Overall I do think that this is a good pub. There are a variety of different beers and they didn’t skimp on the portions, the staff were friendly. Outside there is a lovely view of a lake which we went to have a little stroll round after to TRY and burn some of the fish and chips off.

Overal: ★★★☆☆

Website: The Derby brewery company