Afternoon Tea at Madeleine

Madeleine fine coffee cafe is based in the cube in Birmingham.

After looking at some of the tempting good quality cakes on the their Facebook page I was really excited to go.

We noticed from the large windows when we arriving to the cafe how buzzing and busy it was for a Sunday afternoon with so many people. We were quite shocked, we arrived a bit earlier then we booked and with some issues with our booking they managed to sort it out quickly and sit us down.

The cafe itself it nicely decorated with a lot of wooden rustic them and exquisite cakes and sandwiches on display. The cafe was clean and neat and all the produce labeled so you know what everything was and how much it was too.  

We sat down to a cute table with a white tablecloth that were specifically placed for the people who having afternoon tea. I liked how they folded the napkin. 

Madeleine 1

We booked the afternoon tea with a glass of precesso and decided to have that first. It was a nice touch adding the strawberry.

Madeleine 2

The waitress asked if we were vegetarians but I said no were are pescetarian (when I made the booking I made a note that we were pescetarian) she was a bit unsure about the gelatine in the desserts but she made an effort to ask the chef. As for the main event…here it is…..

Madeleine 3 Madeleine 4 Madeleine 5 Madeleine 6

One of the desserts contained gelatine so I asked could we replace it with something else and the waitress gave us this amazing orange cake!!!

Madeleine 11

These were the sandwiches, an avocado and whole grain mustard, smoked salmon with dill cream cheese and one called vegetarian on the menu, we weren’t actually sure abut this one, we did feel we could have done with a bit more of the filling. Apart from that one we really enjoyed the sandwiches, they were seasoned well and tasted nice and fresh.

Madeleine 12Madeleine 10Madeleine 9

The appetisers/canapes were something different. I really liked the toast with the fig (originally this came with ham but they gave us fig) and something we weren’t really sure of. Later we asked the main lady who said it was apricot cream, I’m not a real fan of sweet and savoury mixed together but I think this worked really well. The cream wasn’t that sweet and the fig worked really well. I like the smoked salmon and it was a big piece, the tomato was stuffed with cream cheese but there was no seasoning so I added a bit of salt and pepper.

Madeleine 8
Madeleine 14

After the savoury items I moved to the scones. These were still lovely and warm and there was lovely jam and cream to go with it. The scones were soft and crisp around the edge. They were a good size and tasted nice. With my scone I order a decafe cappuccino and it was really nice coffee, I really enjoyed it.

Madeleine 16
Madeleine 17

We sat amongst a row of other people who were having afternoon tea as well. 

Madeleine 15Madeleine 18Madeleine 22Madeleine 21Madeleine 20Madeleine 19Madeleine 23Madeleine 24

Overall I really enjoyed my afternoon tea experience at Madeleine they serve amazing quality food all freshly made, with good quality ingredients and if I’m in Birmingham again I would go and have a lovely sandwich and amazing cake. I gave it a 1/2 star off as there was just a few things there could have done slightly better but I really did enjoy it. The staff were rushed off their feet but our waitress still helped us with our dietary requirements and were attentive.

Overall: ★★★★ 1/2 (sorry not sure how to show 1/2 star)

Website: Madeleine

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Blue Fin Restaurant

The Blue Fin restaurant is in a lovely town of Kenilworth. It’s a seafood and grill restaurant.

We chose this as it had quite a few options fish options which was great for us.  There were very good reviews on Trip as well, we were very tempted by the photographs of the food they looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The restaurant itself is quite pleasant and decorated with quite opulence style. I loved the red velvet booths and the gold framed mirrors surrounding the place. Some of the wallpaper mismatched but that’s just me being fussy.

There was a few things in the menu that needed to be catered for us, they used parmesan in few of their food, the waiter did have to ask and find out a few things but he was very patient, polite and he accommodated our requirements. The one disappointed thing was the lunch menu didn’t have any choices for vegetarians. I believe there should be at least one/two vegetarians options in all restaurants and even the waiter himself did realise this needs to be sorted. However they did cater for the vegetarian in our group. For starters I ordered a prawn pil pil accompanied with bread this was like a prawn ‘soup’ with lots of olive oil, chillies, garlic and there was some sort crispy thing on top of it. It was really tasty, I’ve never had anything like it before but really enjoyed it and would recommend it again. There was also a lot of prawns as well which surprised me. 

bluefin 1

This was a sharing board looked really stunning, it was presented really amazingly on the round slate board, it had amazing colours and textures. It had smoked salmon, mackerel and trout mousse, anchovies and salmon and seaweed, all served with bread. I really enjoyed the mousse and salmon, I do find anchovies really salty anyway so I wasn’t really bothered about them. The salmon and seaweed wasn’t too bad. 

bluefin 2

For the mains I chose fish pie which is always a classic and so comforting. I love eating fish pie but it’s one of those dishes that can go very wrong, I was hoping that the fish pie wasn’t going to disappoint me.

bluefin 3
bluefin 6


So as you can see from the photograph I was slightly disappointed my fish pie was very watery, however it was tasty so it did make up for it.

The other dish included seafood linguine. This dish looked appetising with plenty of seafood, it tasted nice and was well seasoned. 

bluefin 4

The other dish was the classic fish and chips. The chips and fish were cooked well, nice crispy and tasty flakey fish and thick chunky fluffy chips.

bluefin 5

Overall we were all impressed with the food and if we are in the area we will return. The service was good and great food. 

Overall: ★★★★☆

Website: Blue Fin Restaurant

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The Case Restaurant

The Case Restaurant is a wine and champagne bar restaurant based in Leicester. This was my first time at Case, I looked at the website, before I went there as you generally do (well I do!) I must say is a bit busy for my liking! 

Most the items on the menu was something I could eat and I found something I really wanted to try and I was really looking forward to trying it. 

The restaurant is based upstairs, the decor inside had a mixture of traditional with contemporary touches, I really liked the huge windows overlooking St Martins Square. The restaurant itself had a nice relaxing atmosphere, it felt quite chilled out and relaxing. The waitress who was serving us was really polite, took our coats and read the specials. I realised then the menu posted online was different to the one in the restaurant. The waitress did point that they haven’t updated the menu online. The dish I was looking forward to eating wasn’t unfortunately offered which was disappointing. It does annoy me when you set out to eat something and they don’t offer it.

We were given fresh bread and butter whilst we were waiting for our starters. I ordered the hot smoked salmon with salad, it was nicely presented and was plentiful, I was surprised with the portion of salmon they gave. I did think they it could have done with some dressing for the salad as that didn’t come with any dressing at all.
Case 1

For mains I ended up ordering sea bass with fennel and cous cous, I’m not a fan of fennel so I asked if I could change the fennel for something else, which they were happy to do and I ended up with sun dried tomatoes. The fish was cooked well with a nice crispy skin and flakely fish. There was a lot of cous cous, it was seasoned I still added a bit more seasoning but that’s just me! I did like the fish there was too much cous cous I couldn’t eat it all. I did think cous cous it a bit of a cop out, I would have preferred fresh vegetables.  

Case 2

And for the dessert I went for the sticky toffee pudding. The cake was moist and flavoursome and the sauce was thick and luxurious. 

Case 3

I usually don’t have a three course menu I was full and felt satisfied.

I would go to Case again but I would ring up and find out what they are offering on the menu first, which is quite annoying, I think they need to update their menu. The food was nice and service was good too. 

Overall I would give it 4 as I think there was some things they could improve on.

Overall: ★★★★☆

Website: The Case Restaurant

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Madhatters Tearoom Afternoon Tea

After a morning of horrible wild rain. The heavens decided to close once we went for the afternoon tea, wohooo great :) even the cafe’s large windows were still steamed up too!

Inside the cafe, we were warmly greeted by the cafe owner. Who sat us to our table, it’s a very cosy place. I first noticed the crazy decor that caught my eye. It’s extremely quirky, the whole place screamed out Mad Hatters. It also had a very rustic charm to it as well. I absolutely loved it!! There was so many interesting ornaments around the room all relating to the theme.

mad hatters notts3 mad hatters notts2

I had read up on trip advisor for the cafe, it had great reviews so I was expecting the bee’s. We did remind the owner of our dietary requirements. The cafe owner mentioned our sandwiches and we will be having cheese and tzatziki sandwiches which I replied with we do eat fish but he said he wasn’t doing any fish that day! I was a bit disappointed I did expect at least one of the sandwiches to contain some sort of fish.

mad hatters notts

This place was amazing as they allow you to bring your own drinks so we brought a bottle of bubbly to have a sparkling afternoon tea. We started with our bubbly and drank from teacups!. I think we were the only ones drinking! LOL naughty.

When the cake stand arrived, the scone was huggeeee! and there was plenty or cream and jam they were really generous and gave a really good amount which was a real bonus.

mad hatters notts6

Carrying on with their Mad hatters theme they presented the sandwiches in a different way with one side of the sandwich with white bread and the other brown! The cheese sandwich was quite standard and boring nothing special there was no sauce or filling with it, so bit disappointed. The tzatziki was much better it tasted nice and fresh, I enjoyed that more.

mad hatters notts7

mad hatters notts4

I noticed there were a few cake stands hooked up from the ceiling and thought it was such a cute and unusual decoration.

mad hatters notts5

The staff were really attentive and really friendly. I moved onto the scone and they were really delicious, still warm, very moist and flavoursome. I devoured it with plenty of cream and jam. Yummy. I was very impressed.

mad hatters notts8mad hatters notts9

We then noticed that the cake stands that we thought were used for decoration was actually used for storing the cake stands and we started laughing loll. Duhhhh.

mad hatters notts10

After we finished eating we were full. We didn’t manage to eat our cake and asked if we could get it packed. I choose the sticky ginger cake, sorry I forgot to take a photo but it’s photographed below. The slice of the cake was huge and it was so tasty and very moist a very nice ginger cake.

mad hatters notts11


Overall I would come the cafe again, not for the afternoon tea but a big slice of cake or scone. The food was of good quality and they didn’t skimp so I was pleased. I have to mark it down for their choice of sandwiches, I don’t much thought or consideration went into it.

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Website: Madhatters tearoom

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Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey

I have been to Coombe Abbey before, it was such a beautiful day when we went and everyone was buzzing from the lovely weather.

There is a huge park which most people generally go for, I went for a look inside the house and went around the grounds, to be honest after visiting a few houses I tend to get confused with which house is which. I do remember it being quite dark and medieval. Coombe Abbey was founded as a monastery in the 12th century.

I was really excited about going for afternoon, the booking has to be made in advance and this was the only Sunday that was free, although a little inconvenient as it was the weekend of Diwali and having eaten a lot I did wish another weekend was free but I just had to deal with it and have a fat weekend!

At the time of the booking I told them my dietary requirements of being a Pesicatarian and were they able to cater for us? they had to check and said yes they would. We arrived for the tea at 12.30, I didn’t have any breakfast as I wasn’t very hungry and you know how filling these Tea’s can be.

The orangery where the afternoon tea was held was really peaceful and calming, although it was a cold day it felt warm in there. It was a lovely area and I really like the ambience. They had some period features which worked well with the rest of the room. I love the fan and the gold details against the muted green/grey coloured walls. There was also this private area that was guarded with curtains it reminded me of somewhere the queen would sit!

coombe abbey3 coombe abbey2 coombe abbey

We were seated (not where the queen would but it would do!) and where asked which drinks we wanted my mum and I, both ordered a coffee, although we did want a cappuccino and latte these were both not included in the afternoon tea and were extra, we didn’t think that was really fair. We just ended going for a normal coffee. I went for the decaffeinated coffee which I found was absolutely horrible, it came in a cafeteria and I waited a few minutes before I plunged the top down. I don’t think I have ever had worse coffee before!

I did wonder if they had remembered my dietary requirements. I mentioned this to the waitress and she said ‘could you please remind of this again’. For me this was a bad start, but this has happened to me a number of times, so don’t always expect your dietary requirements to be held.

We were getting quite hungry and realised that it was after 1pm and the food still hadn’t arrived. I have been to a few afternoon tea’s and it’s never arrived that late before, the food is usually made and need to be plated up.

When cake stand arrived, they replaced the trifle with the same piece of cake. I did notice that there was the rocky road chocolate mousse still on the plate which did look amazing as you can see from the photos but I know rocky road has marshmallows so that was a no no for me. I was shocked the chef didn’t know this! they brought the stand back with an empty space and I asked will this be replaced with something else? they said the chef can give you more sandwiches, which they did.

coombe abbey4 coombe abbey5 coombe abbey6 coombe abbey7

The sandwiches were OK, I liked the vegetarian one, the salmon needed more flavour. The cheese sandwich lacked in flavour also. I really liked the hummus wafer it was really different and it caught my eye. 

coombe abbey8

As for the sweet items, I only tried the scone at Coombe Abbey as I only had room for that as we had extra sandwiches I found the scone was a bit dry. Later on I tried a bit of the coffee and walnut cake which was not that amazing but I did like the coffee icing. The apple tart could have done with slightly more flavour too.

coombe abbey9 coombe abbey10


Overall I don’t think we had the best afternoon tea experience. I wasn’t sure if it was because they didn’t catered for our diet. However the service and time for the food to come out was quite delayed too. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Overall: ★★☆☆☆

Website: Coombe Abbey

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The Sanderson Hotel Afternoon Tea with a slight hatter mad to it

The name “Mad Hatter” was clearly inspired by the phrase “as mad as a hatter”.

I went with my closest friend to this Afternoon Tea, we wanted to do something special for our birthdays and decided to treat ourselves to Sanderson Afternoon Tea, this £38 +service was on the higher end of any other Afternoon Tea I’ve been to before, so I was expecting the bee’s. We wanted to go one which offered something different and this was definitely one that was different. 

When we were en route to the hotel, we thought we spotted it, it was a lovely structured building it looked beautiful, then we realised it wasn’t the Sanderson lol. When we found the Sanderson, both of us we really disappointed with the look of the front of the building. The decor of the blue horrible panelling looked really out dated and we were worried having spending how much we did on our Afternoon Tea that our experience was going to be a disappointment.

We arrived to some what total different look inside, it was quite unique reception area then I’ve seen before with bright colours and ornaments. We were seated in the Garden Area which was really tranquil, it was a lovely setting, I really liked the water feature and hammok seat.


We went on such a lovely warm day that we didn’t feel the cold, however I’m sure I would have, if it was cold day, they did have outdoor heating and we were told if we do feel cold they would put it on. After being seated by the waitress, we were given a glass of water which was nice start. My friend wasn’t keen on the place we were seated so we asked to be moved closer in. The waitress, had to told us she will need to look into it, but we didn’t see why it would be a problem really?? When she came back she did allow us to move where we wanted to be.

Placed on the marble tables, were tea cups, saucers, side plates, a book and a music box. Intrigued, we were, we opened the music box to find a number of sugar cubes placed inside. The book had the menu displayed inside. The cups, all had a theme, ours were designed with images of acrobats. I loved the menu inside the book, the books were all old and I’m sure ours was from a library too!


We then changed to a waiter, who came over with these cute little glass bottles filled with four different tea leaves. We got to choice from Strawberries and Cream, Mint Choco Chip, Rhubarb & Custard and Apple Pie. They all smelled so amazing, I decided to try the Strawberries and Cream and my friend the Mint Chocolate Chip. The waiter rang through the menu item (we subsuited our menu for one which was suitable for Pescitarians). 


When the tea arrived it was in quite a big teapot, I allowed my tea to diffuse. There was a big difference between the smell compared to the taste, maybe I needed to let it diffuse more but it tasted very watered down to me. I tried my friends mint tea but that was similar bit washed down. I’m not really a fan of fruit teas and neither is my friend so maybe criticised them a bit too much. I then asked for a latte, I do like my coffee over tea unless it’s proper Indian Tea.  


When the food arrived it looked really amazing, there was a lot of different colours, sizes, shapes, texture, it was truly different experience. I was eager to get on with my munching…I started with the sandwich. I really love smoked salmon but the bread it was encased in wasn’t that great, it was heavy and didn’t have an amazing taste. I’m not a fan of egg sandwiches, I don’t eat them but I tried this one and it was amazing, this was the best sandwich from the menu. I really don’t like the idea of cucumber sandwiches, that tradition for me should be out now, I didn’t particularly like that sandwich. 

Sanderson-hotel10Sanderson-hotel11 Sanderson-hotel12 Sanderson-hotel13 


I went on try the mini broccoli quiche, I enjoyed this, there was flavour there and the pastry was not overdone. Surprisingly the one item wasn’t keen on was the goats cheese scones was one of the best savoury scones I couldn’t taste the goats cheese at all. I despise goats cheese, just a horrible yuky taste.


I tried the sweet apple and cinnamon scone with a good dollop of cream and jam but I didn’t think they were anything special, they were quite dry, I’ve had far better. The Genoese sponge which was really nice and looked amazing the detailed layers all looked perfect and the clock draw on top made it fit in with the theme. Ooooo the raspberry drink, that was so fruity and tasty and the cute medicine like bottle it was presented in was so original.  


The one dessert, that really amazed me and was worth the whole experience was the ‘Melting Mango Cheesecake’. It was encased in a multi coloured striped print. I’m not really a fan of white chocolate, so the taste was a bit too sweet, but whilst I was eating it, I noticed a small yellow ball that was squidgy. I told my friend what’s this???…I broke into the ball and to my amazement the lovely yolk coloured liquid oozed out from it! it was amaaaazing!…it left me in such a surprise and I thought how did they make it??? It was truly the mad hatter experience I was expecting.


Moving on, I wasn’t too keen on the carrot meringue it looked effective but it was quite sweet. The Matcha tea cup, looked really amazing, the presentation was great but I found it quite bland and I thought yet another mousse like dessert like the mango cheesecake. I would say I really enjoyed the the chocolate (caramel, I think it was) truffle, it was really yummy. It was quite rich so one did suffice.

I would like to thank my friend for sharing the experience with me and taking all the photos :).

Overall I did really enjoy the experience, it was unlike any other afternoon tea I’ve been too. I would say I have a very sweet tooth but I didn’t manage to finish all the sweet items as I found them overly sweet. I enjoyed the savoury items a bit more. There was so much food, I would advise going early but not having any breakfast. I gave this a high rating due to the amazing dessert and the experience but didn’t give it that extra star due to the overly sweet desserts.

Overall: ★★★★☆Website: Sanderson Hotel
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I’m a fan of Italian food and I’ve heard good things about Fumo. This restaurant is slightly different compared to other Italian restaurants the concept is tapas. I have had plenty of tapas in my time but mainly Spanish and also Middle Eastern style tapas ‘mezze’ but never have I had italian tapas. I like having tapas I like sharing my food and this way you can share food and also order a variety. This was something new to me and I was curious to try it.

Fumo is part of the San Carlos group I don’t think they have many Fumo’s around or maybe this is their only one this one is based in Birmingham and it was right next door to a San Carlos. I do actually like the food in San Carlos this gave me a bit of hope that Fumo would be just as good.

When we entered we were nicely greeted and were advised to keep our shopping bags (we had a few lol) and coats in their cupboard they provided she said their wouldn’t be enough room where we would be sitting. The restaurant is really nicely decorated I love the lighting and the marble tables. The bar area was quite large with seating area scattered around and a wide variety of different drinks.

fumo fumo1
We went for an early dinner about 4pm. We were told we couldn’t book unless there was a large party we did get fortunately get a table as there was room. After looking at the menu we weren’t sure how many dishes to order and how big the portion sizes would be. We asked the waitress how big the portion sizes were and she said they all vary in sizes which was quite vague really!? in the end we ordered 4 dishes and thought we can always order more. We ordered a spicy prawn, calamari, scallops and ravioli. The ravioli was the first dish to arrive and pretty quickly just after our drinks came. There were three 3 ravioli pieces in a creamy cheese sauce it was rich but the flavour was really nice, I enjoyed it. Next to arrive was the other three dishes and were very well presented, I loved the thick chunky wooden boards and how they wrapped the calamari in paper also the way they presented the scallops in the shell they looked amazing. The presentation was really good and they all did look as good as it tasted, however the dish I thought lacked in slight flavour was the prawns. My friend and I did think the portion sizes were slightly on the small side, we only had two prawns and two scallops. I didn’t feel totally full and I wouldn’t say I have a big appetite. I would have ordered more but my friend wanted to try the sharing dessert and she was nearly full but that was due to being ill the few days previous so her appetite wasn’t normal. I was debating whether to get another dish for myself but I thought I didn’t want to get something and only two items arrive, also my friend wanted to have dessert from the start so I thought this may fill me up a bit more.

Being a pescetarian I had to question the sharing dessert, it didn’t tell you what came in it but just a selection of their best desserts which can be anything! and wouldn’t all their dessert be the best?…as I don’t eat gelatine I told the waitress and she was happy to change it to fit to my requirements. We ended up having tiramisu, apple cake, brandy snap kinda of thing that was filled with ricotta and chocolate cake. I absolutely loved the tiramisu and would recommend it, it was one of the best I had eaten it had so much flavour yummy!!!!…the apple cake was the next best and then the other two I did find the chocolate cake slightly dry and they ricotta filled brandy snap was average, it needed more flavour. I would next time just get the tiramisu. For those of you who do eat gelatine I think she mentioned cheesecake and panna cotta would have been served.

Overall I did like the restaurant the service was good but I did feel they sometimes cleared up the plates too sometimes early sometimes just literally after we finished. The portion sizes were a bit small, yes I know it’s tapas and you get small portions but two prawns isn’t enough. The food is tasty and very good quality and I would suggest to get 4 tapas dishes each to be a bit more satisfied, this would cause problems fitting on their tables though, they were slightly small we struggled with our four dishes. I would go again as I liked the food, however more of a treat. There was a few nice touches they did I liked how they brought hand fresheners for the calamari and prawns I presuming and asked if we wanted water and brought a jug of tap water for us.

Overall: ★★★★☆

Website: Fumo

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As it was my birthday and a special one I wanted to eat out somewhere which was special. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a long time, there are a few people that have recommend it and say it’s a nice meal to go to for a special occasion, I thought why not for my birthday? 

Maiyango is a 4* hotel as well a restaurant based in Leicester. I have been to Maiyango for drinks before they have a nice selection of cocktails and mocktails. It had a nice relaxed atmosphere.

They are a fine dining restaurant I’ve not been to many fine dining restaurants I’m more of a rustic homely food eater however I don’t mind going anywhere or trying anything(well almost lol). I was really excited about trying it out. I do think that fine dining has a bad reputation of being pretentious and serving small portions which worried me, I thought would I actually get full from the food??? 

My friend made the booking for the restaurant I wanted it for 7.30pm but they say they could only do 7pm which was fine and she managed to book a booth which was amazing I love going to restaurant where they have comfy seating. It was a lovely thought and I’m glad my friend asked for that especially as it’s made for a larger group. The restaurant is decorated really nice especially the booths, they have a Moroccan theme with hanging lanterns and rich dark complementary colours, mahogany tables and stain glassed candle holders.

Maiyango2 Maiyango

After our waitress took our order we decided to go for the 2 course meal. We were surprised to be greeted with appetisers, which I forgot to take a photo of ooops! they consisted of salmon mousse, spicy popcorn and fried squid. I wasn’t keen on the spicy popcorn as I felt it had gone soft, the other two were nice. It was a really nice surprise and I wasn’t expecting to have any appertisers, I’ve never had that at any other restaurant.


We were offered fresh warm bread once we had ordered which was a nice espically as the bread was warm, I didn’t think too much to the bread I found it slightly doughy.

My friend wanted a starter, I wanted to have a dessert so I skipped the starters she ordered spring vegetable risotto, chargrilled chilli paneer, coriander spring roll. 

When my friend’s dish came it looked nice but she did say it slightly lacked in flavour, she wasn’t totally impressed.


After that we were served a chilli mango sorbet as a palette cleanser. I really enjoyed it. This would make a lovely refreshing dessert too, but my friend wasn’t too keen.


For the mains I decided to go for fillet of seabass, chorizo, aubergine and olive fricasee, chargrilled fennel and sundried tomato reduction. I also ordered a side portion of chips.
As I don’t eat red meat I asked if it was possible to remove the chorizo from the dish which they were happy to do so. I really enjoyed my dinner, the fish wasn’t over cooked, it taste fresh and the skin was crispy. The aubergine and olive was flavoursome although the aubergine for me could have been cooked for slightly longer.

I was very very disappointed with my chips, I only had a few due to the fact they were undercooked. I wasted so many, I should have complained. I don’t understand how a 4* restaurant could serve undercooked chips! very disappointed.


With a bit of a recommendation from me, I told my friend to go for the Morrocan spiced rump of lamb, sprouting broccoli and turmeric potatoes, cherry tomato and chilli jam, she ordered a side portion of herb mash.

She really enjoyed her dish, however another disappointment her potatoes in her lamb dish was undercooked also. I’m not sure what the issue was but for both dishes to come with raw potatoes is unbelievable! she said she was glad she ordered her side mash.


They served their salt and vinegar in a different way, I was expecting a salt shaker, slightly different and very posh.

So then it came to the grand finale my chocolate dessert which my friend kindly asked to write a happy birthday message on the plate which was so sweet of her. I was really looking forward to this…chocolate textures, milk chocolate shake, white chocolate and cardamom ice cream, dark chocolate brownie, cocoa nib tuile. 
The brownie was really nice, soft and crunchy at the top, the milk chocolate milkshake I thought would have been nicer if it was thicker. There was a lot of cardamon in the icecream but I didn’t mind that.

Maiyango11 Maiyango12

Overall I really enjoyed my experience the service was attentive, they also provided us with water and kept topping us up and were friendly. I have given it three stars as both side potatoes were undercooked and it’s unforgivable, however I would go again and if I have issues with any of the food I will complain next time. Most the food was tasty and I liked the little added extras like the appetisers and warm bread. I would only go for a special occasion and only go once I have checked the menu and there is something I would want to eat.

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Website: Maiyango

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Roots and fruits

Hidden(for me) in one of the arcades in Leeds that I haven’t been to is a lovely Vegetarian cafe.

I wasn’t sure if this place would be busy as I know how much the northerns love their meat but when I went in I was pleasantly surprised it was nearly full. I also wasn’t sure being a vegetarian cafe if it would be a bit hippyish too but that wasn’t the case too. I know I know the last two statements I made were full of generalisations!!!! naughty.

I love the rusticness the cafe had and the place mats were a cute touch. They had a variety of different world wide cuisines, they had a wide variety of starters, mains, sandwiches, soups and desserts. Some of the dishes were vegan as well. I wanted a salad so I went for halloumi one it came with chick peas and olives. I was cheeky and I really fancied some hummus so I asked and they were more then happy to let me have it. This came in a small separate pot, it was really nice and I assume it was homemade. The portion size was big and there was a good amount of halloumi, there was a separate dressing that was shared between the tables that was I was given. The dressing was nice but I do think there should have been a few of these though as I wanted a bit more but it was taken from me. My friend had the falafel and pita, these came with salad. I tried the falafels were really tasty the portion size was big and probably a little too big for lunch for myself. 
rootsnfruits3rootsnfruits4The cafe had a really relaxed feel with vegetarian cooking magazines it’s nice to relax there, I assume it was a husband/wife team who owned the cafe and they were really pleasant and friendly. The service was really good and made you feel at ease.

I would come here again the food is fresh and tasty, the prices are reasonable and you didn’t feel rushed when you ate there.

Overal: ★★★★☆

Website: Roots and fruits

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Ju Ju’s Cafe

I’ve been meaning to try this place for a while after spying it on trip showcasing their amazing rustic home style looking food. It’s not too far from broad street so perfect excuse to have a drink before heading there or after ;).
Jujus1 Jujus2

The cafe/ restaurant is in a complex and is quite a small yet cosy and warming. I didn’t want to have any starters so I ordered what I was looking forward to the fish and chips. When I looked at the pictures this was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here they did look really yummy. I love the presentation with newspaper style paper on a glass work top savour, the little jar of tartar sauce and the really cute little pots of salt and peppers awww. They also gave two slices of bread which I didn’t eat, the portion size was a good size for me but I’ve had much bigger fish and larger portion of chips in others places.

I did think the fish and chips were ok, I have had better even though it did look quite tasty I did think it needed more seasoning. For dessert I ordered the sticky toffee pudding which was truly delish it did look like the typical sticky toffee you get it was more of a deep brown colour compared to the usual caramel colour but it was yummy really yummy. 

Jujus5 Jujus6I think the service was really good and it was a cosy style cafe, this is a place where you could go to chill and eat happily for a long time as there was no rush at all and it felt really relaxed.

Overal: ★★★☆☆

Website: Ju Ju’s Cafe

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