After a morning of horrible wild rain. The heavens decided to close once we went for the afternoon tea, wohooo great 🙂 even the cafe’s large windows were still steamed up too!

Inside the cafe, we were warmly greeted by the cafe owner. Who sat us to our table, it’s a very cosy place. I first noticed the crazy decor that caught my eye. It’s extremely quirky, the whole place screamed out Mad Hatters. It also had a very rustic charm to it as well. I absolutely loved it!! There was so many interesting ornaments around the room all relating to the theme.

mad hatters notts3 mad hatters notts2

I had read up on trip advisor for the cafe, it had great reviews so I was expecting the bee’s. We did remind the owner of our dietary requirements. The cafe owner mentioned our sandwiches and we will be having cheese and tzatziki sandwiches which I replied with we do eat fish but he said he wasn’t doing any fish that day! I was a bit disappointed I did expect at least one of the sandwiches to contain some sort of fish.

mad hatters notts

This place was amazing as they allow you to bring your own drinks so we brought a bottle of bubbly to have a sparkling afternoon tea. We started with our bubbly and drank from teacups!. I think we were the only ones drinking! LOL naughty.

When the cake stand arrived, the scone was huggeeee! and there was plenty or cream and jam they were really generous and gave a really good amount which was a real bonus.

mad hatters notts6

Carrying on with their Mad hatters theme they presented the sandwiches in a different way with one side of the sandwich with white bread and the other brown! The cheese sandwich was quite standard and boring nothing special there was no sauce or filling with it, so bit disappointed. The tzatziki was much better it tasted nice and fresh, I enjoyed that more.

mad hatters notts7

mad hatters notts4

I noticed there were a few cake stands hooked up from the ceiling and thought it was such a cute and unusual decoration.

mad hatters notts5

The staff were really attentive and really friendly. I moved onto the scone and they were really delicious, still warm, very moist and flavoursome. I devoured it with plenty of cream and jam. Yummy. I was very impressed.

mad hatters notts8mad hatters notts9

We then noticed that the cake stands that we thought were used for decoration was actually used for storing the cake stands and we started laughing loll. Duhhhh.

mad hatters notts10

After we finished eating we were full. We didn’t manage to eat our cake and asked if we could get it packed. I choose the sticky ginger cake, sorry I forgot to take a photo but it’s photographed below. The slice of the cake was huge and it was so tasty and very moist a very nice ginger cake.

mad hatters notts11


Overall I would come the cafe again, not for the afternoon tea but a big slice of cake or scone. The food was of good quality and they didn’t skimp so I was pleased. I have to mark it down for their choice of sandwiches, I don’t much thought or consideration went into it.

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Website: Madhatters tearoom