When I was very little and the Terry’s chocolate orange adverts came on TV. I never understood what they meant by ‘It’s not Terry’s it’s mine’! lolol so funny and dumb, obviously the penny dropped one day and I understood. I have always loved terry’s orange, even when I was young. I love their unique packaging, which other chocolate is packaged in such a usual way? and when you were a kid, how it made you feel super strong once you broke into it!

This cheesecake is very very rich, so be warned, the taste of the orange comes through and the cream at the top helps breaks the richness of the cheesecake. Like with most of my other recipes I used Janes Pattiserie for this recipe, they are such a delight, really quick, and easy to follow. However, I tweaked the recipe slightly, using dark terry’s orange and chocolate digestive biscuits instead.

To add a bit of elegance, I displayed these cheesecakes in a Martini glass. I halved the recipe as I only wanted to make four cheesecakes but there was still leftover mixture left. The original recipe makes a large 8″ and the link above will take you the exact quantity needed for that amount.