This GF cake was mainly made for my Uncle, I do find Gluten-free cakes hard to make, but I do like a challenge. This cake just sounded delicious, who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate and hazelnuts? I just thought of Nutella straight away and I love Nutella. The addition of the pear, is one of your five a day right? Well, I class it is!

My dad said he had some pears at his house but they weren’t ripe he told me he will keep them out to ripen. When it came to baking the cake, he realised he forgot to leave the pears out of the fridge and were rock hard. I was like oh well, it won’t be the same but I will still use them I didn’t have a choice did I.

I thought the taste of the cake was nice but the unripe pears did ruin it slightly, so just make sure those damn pears are ripe!