Well I said I was going to stop making Guinness recipes, but I swear this will be the last one for a while (well lets just see) I know, I did get slightly addicted. I wanted to experiment with this particular cake and make an eggless version for shravan mahina as I really liked the Guinness Cupcakes I made they were moist and yummy. 

This cake, was an experiment, I used the same recipe as the cupcakes but adjusted them and omitted the egg. I think it worked well, it wasn’t the same moisture as the cupcakes, they were more dense and heavier but it was fine for me. 

Eggless Guinness CakeEggless Guinness Cake2 Eggless Guinness Cake3 Eggless Guinness Cake4 Eggless Guinness Cake5 Eggless Guinness Cake6 Eggless Guinness Cake7 Eggless Guinness Cake8 Eggless Guinness Cake9

Eggless Guinness Cake
Serves 10
An delicious tasting eggless Guinness cake
Prep Time
20 min
Prep Time
20 min
For the cake
  1. 440ml - Guinness
  2. 250g - unsalted butter softened
  3. 80g - Cocoa Powder
  4. 375g - Caster Sugar
  5. 1 tbsp - Cider Vinegar
  6. 1 tsp - Vanilla Extract
  7. 200ml - Sour Cream
  8. 290g - Plain Flour
  9. 2 tsp - Bicarbonate of Soda
  10. 1/2 tsp - Baking Powder
  1. 280g - Cream cheese
  2. 50g - unsalted butter
  3. 200g - icing sugar
  1. 1. Line and grease a 9" springform tin and preheat the oven to 175°C.
  2. 2. In a saucepan add the Guinness and butter on a low flame, cook until the butter is completely melted. Take the pan off the heat then add the cocoa powder and sugar whisk and let it cool slightly then add the vanilla and sour cream and mix.
  3. 3. Transfer the Guinness mixture in a stand mixer then add the flour, baking powder and soda and cider vinegar mix until everything is smooth and well combined. It will be a very wet mix but will bake fine.
  4. 4. Fill the cake tin and bake for 1 hour, maybe over or until a cake tester comes out clean, then place on a cool rack to cool.
  5. 5. To make the frosting beat the butter and icing sugar together in a stand mixer until you have a fine crumb mixture. Add the cream cheese and beat on a high speed for 2-3 minutes. Once the cake are completely cool, decorate the cake and then finely dust with cocoa powder.