Fish ‘n’ chips are my favourite pub food, it’s something I always choose, it’s such a classic but something that will be there for time, I love that taste of crispy batter and soft fluffy thick chips so simple but so gooooooood. love it!

The first time I went to Steam Trumpet I was amazed at how huge the fish and chips were, they are advertised on the menu as ‘Jumbo Battered Haddock’ (but that isn’t always the case) and it did live up to it’s name! it was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeee, lucky they were nice enough to let us share I wouldn’t have been able to eat a whole serving of their fish and chips by myself.

The good thing about this place is they served hand cut chips I think that is rare to find usually most pubs sell frozen ones, I did like the fish and chips the first time I went as there was more flavour.

I visited the pub again but on a Friday where they had a special offer on fish and chips this time their portion was more manageable but I didn’t finish it all, I found this time the fish and chips weren’t seasoned as well as it was the first time we went. I added a lot of salt, vinegar and pepper to add more flavour.

steaming billy fish and chips