As some of you may or may not know it’s the month of Sharavan, I’ve been doing Shravan Maynow for so many years now, I don’t fast as such but I do participate in not having any eggs or fish, which to be honest doesn’t really bother me at all apart from when I’m eating out as eggs are in a lot of things like CAKE! lol.

I know this may not seem like a post that relates to food but to me it does the whole month I have to be conscious and aware that I can’t eat what I want and not having eggs in things can be hard to remember. I do think that it makes you feel healthier and also the people who fast realise that we actually overeat too much! This month for me is being strong, aware, spiritual, dedicated and I feel good I’m getting involved in religion. 

I wanted to get to the bottom of why we do Shravan and what’s it all about as there are so many stories around and actually people really don’t know! lol. So here goes –

Shravan Maynow is one of the holiest Hindu months and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it’s also very auspicious and religious months.

Right…so…it’s not about detoxing, harvest or other myths I’ve heard, it makes sense that it’s about dedicating the month to Shiva thats probably another reason people don’t really eat meat I assume.

Being Gujarati I know that this month has rituals that we participate in. One where you eat spinach, cudi and kichrie (Kichrie Pancham), another being where you eat cold food (Randhan Chat and Shital Satam). I know not all Gujis follow all the same rituals but we always do that.

What I didn’t realise was how religious this month is, I think my family only do the main rituals and not the other ones! like Saturday fasting, pujas and rituals are observed to escape from the bad influence of Lord Shiva – I didn’t know about this.

Or any of this huge list of others:

Veerpasli is a fast observed on the first Sunday of Shravan and is continued for next eight days for the welfare of male members in the family. 

Noli Nom is observed on the ninth day of Shravan by childless couples.
Phool Kajali and Chokha Kajali are observed on the third day of waxing and waning phase of moon. This is for getting a good life partner and for a happy married life. Gai Vrat which is observed during the entire Shravan month is also to get a good husband.
Bhe Bharas is another ritual observed on the 12th day of Sawan and is observed near a water body.
Bol Choth is another important ritual observed by all the family members and it is for the welfare of cattle. People cook outside on the day. 
The other important festival in the month is the Sri Krishna Janmashtami and also Raksha Bandan that I observe.
Apparently they say some scholars are also of the opinion that it is during this period that waterborne diseases spread fast. So the numerous fasts and rituals in the month are to keep people healthy. During this is the month when Mother Nature nourishes with monsoon rains. All the lakes, ponds and rivers are full and there is green everywhere. 

It is considered highly auspicious to wear rudraksha beads in Shravan month, which I didn’t know!

I hope that reading this would bring a better insight to why we do Shravan Maynow. I found it interesting reading up on it and learning about my religion. Thank you for providing me with a better insight.

I will be making a few eggless cake recipes to keep me going. I’ve already done two, the apple crumble my style and eggless bundt cake, which are totally eggless so check them out.

But watch this space as I will be experimenting in the kitchen and posting more eggless cake recipes up.