Nutella Crunchie cheesecake

I have this addiction to cornflakes and crunchy nut cornflakes, they are so moreish. I love how they are so crispy, yet so light! They have the right amount of crunch and I’m known to snack on them right from the cereal box, like a fat pig, I have no shame! Yes I’m one of them people! but who needs the milk anyway, it works so well without it!

This has got to be one of the easiest cheesecakes I’ve made and super quick too! Also it’s very yummy. Anyone who’s a novice to baking they should try this recipe out, they could definitely make it and it won’t go wrong.

I made this for my birthday gathering and I thought everyone would find this quite rich but they really loved it. I changed the original recipe by adding pieces of crunchie bar to give it a bit of bite and a lovely honeycomb taste. I think most people love that flavour. I also made half the recipe as I thought the small slices would be enough, a lot of people had half but then went back for the other half! Lol, I’m just glad they enjoyed it. If you don’t have any crunchie bars don’t worry you can leave it out as the original recipe doesn’t have it although I would advise it as it works really well.  

This cheesecake should be frozen but who actually has room in their freezer to add a 8” tin (or even the small one I was using) I don’t have any room. I put it in the fridge overnight it did work but yes, it was much softer. I would advise to take it out the fridge only 5-10mins before so it’s not totally cold.

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