Gluten free eggless lemon and almond cake

I have been experimenting with GF recipes recently as my Uncle can’t eat gluten. Generally I find GF recipes really tricky to make, they generally have such a weird texture and a horrible flavour unless you use ground almonds. This cake was beautiful though, with the luxious lemon, it had a fluffy texture and had a subtle almond taste. I don’t like almond extract but this can be added in for extra flavour.

I topped the cake with whipped cream and fresh sweet strawberries. This gave a lovely fresh taste and added a nice balance to the cake.

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Gluten free chocolate raspberry cheesecake

So I know most people are used to ‘White chocolate raspberry cheesecake’ butttt I and other members of my family don’t like white chocolate so I thought why not switch the white chocolate to dark chocolate.

The combination of dark chocolate with raspberry works so well. The tartness of the raspberries cuts through the richness of the chocolate but it works alongside the sweetness of the cheesecake, it’s such an amazing flavour combination. This cheesecake is super easy to make and also is quite large size, so great for entertaining (there is way too much to eat on it’s own!) It’s also nice served with some cream to cut through the richness. Also the dark chocolate instead of the white chocolate worked well, I would make this cheesecake again, and for those who are not Gluten free it’s still the same!

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Crisps, chocolate and peanut tart

You know when you have one of those day, when all you want to do is chill out. It’s not that often for me, I prefer to get out and about at the weekends compared to staying at home. However, this happened to be one of them days. I was at my parent’s house and my mum and I were watching the TV and Nadiya from the bake off was on with her cookery program. She was going to make this chocolate tart made that used salted crisps as the base….I know strange, right? but as I’m strange I loved this idea!. I was so excited as I love a bit of salty and sweet, I’ve used this combination in X and X and it’s such a flavour explosion! I watched that episode such a while ago and have been meaning for such a long time to make it and things have just got in the way. Just to make you aware you do have to set the tart in the fridge, so it has to be made in advance.

The tart was really simple to make, just a bit of melted, crushing and combing, really easy to do!. It didn’t take long to bake and as she advised be careful not to overbake as well.

I did found that there was a lot of oil that seeped through, I think there was probably a lot of fat that came from the oil of the crisp and the melted butter that bind the tart together.

I wouldn’t say I could taste the saltiness of the crisp, and also I found it really rich, I could only have a small piece which is unlike me!

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Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake

This cheesecake is one of those bad boys you would only bake for a special occasion and that is exactly what I did. This was for the most special person in my life, my daddy and his favourite dessert is cheesecake.

I wanted to go all out and do something on the more luxurious side, I know my dad loves cherries also anything nutty and I thought this was perfect for him 👌🏽. This recipe was surprisingly easy to make, I found the hardest thing for me about this cheesecake was taking it out the tin. I think I was breaking out in a sweat! As I have many disasters when the whole cheesecake just collapses! However by some miracle and with a lot of help this came out in one piece yay!. Back to the cheesecake, I have to say this was something that had all the combinations of flavours I love, cherries, almonds and cream cheese. Bakewell is something I really enjoy, what I don’t enjoy though is almond extract – this stuff to me is evil, it has a horrible artificial taste that I can taste straight away and ruins the whole bakewell, so yes marzipan, bakewell and stolen is out the question I just don’t eat it. This recipe did include almond extract so if that’s your thing add it in!…that stuff just doesn’t enter my kitchen.

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Pogácsa (po-gah-tcha), Hungarian for “biscuit’.

I wanted to try something new from ‘the book of buns’ which I’ve used previously to make Tootmanik. I love this book, it has the most amazing bread recipes from around the world. So instead of being boring it makes you explore the world of bread/bun recipes. After a very indulgent December of over eating a load of chocolates and other sweet stuff I wanted to bake something savoury. A lot of recipes include a starter dough, I still need to have a go at using a starter dough recipe. This one seemed quite simple and it had cheese in yummmmmm 🧀 . Love cheese!!!

After looking over the method it seemed that it was just like making a scone but a yeasted scone. So after all that it was a scone in the end of the day.

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Pistachio Cake

Not only do I love the taste of pistachios, I love the vibrant green colour as well. They really are such a unique nut, which other nut has a green colour? 🤔.

This cake was pretty simple and easy to make the only thing that took long was to un shell the pistachios! I was hoping this cake would be really fluffy and nutty but I didn’t find it that moist. Although the taste of pistachio did come through and sometimes you don’t get that.


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Spinach Gozleme

I first remember eating Gozleme in one of the London food markets over 10 years ago and absolutely loved them 😋. I just loved the thin, chewy but crispy texture of the flat bread with the fresh spinach and salty cheese.

So if you didn’t know, what are Gozleme?…

Gozleme is coined from the Turkish word ‘goz’ which translates to ‘compartment or eye’ in English is a sweet-smelling, freshly made pastry that is indigenous to Turkey. Gozleme, as it is popularly called is made from a big, circular dough that has been spread thin like a wafer. This snack is so named because it is made of pockets of dough where toppings are placed and sealed before they are cooked. 

I found this amazing recipe it is so easy to follow and make. These turned out to be so delicious and I will definately be making them again. This would work well as part of mezze board. I made these a medium sized, but they can be made any size you want. They are so versatile any filling can be added.


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Tiramisu layered cheesecake

These little creations are for the lovers of cheesecake and tiramisu and what a perfect couple they really are! I really wanted to make a creamy dessert which had a big hit of flavour. These definitely do give you that hit of flavour with added punch of alcohol. I love tiramisu and think it makes a great dessert, it’s so creamy, subtley sweet with that extra strong taste of coffee. I also love love love cheesecake to and it’s the most versatile dessert out, you can add so many different flavours and extra additions to make it taste so good.

I looked at many different recipes online and I added my own twist to the recipe I used. Also by putting the mixture in a dessert glasses it makes them look that extra bit special. I wanted to make mini layered cheesecake instead of a huge one. I still started with a digestive biscuit base then layering it with broken soaked fingers, cheesecake mix and grated chocolate. To make it even more indulgent I topped it up with cream and extra chocolate. These are all optional and you don’t have to add the ladyfingers or the grated chocolate.


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Raffello Coconut Cake

This cake makes me think of Christmas in a hot country lol, 😂 mainly as the cake is covered in desiccated coconut which looks like snow and as it’s a coconut cake it always makes me think of a desert island somewhere. I know, totally odd combination right? I have been Christmas in a hot country once and really didn’t enjoy it, as much as I hate feeling cold, it just didn’t feel like Christmas at all.

I’ve always wanted to make a Raffello cake, I like the taste and textures of them and how they are crisp, light and creamy. I wanted to incorporate these into the cake. But the main feature being coconut of course, I wanted the cake to be spongy and taste of coconut through and through!

I adjusted the recipe slightly, I added malibu to make it more coconutty (and desert island theme of course 💁🏽) and slightly alcoholic. I also added coconut wafers in between the layer to recapture the taste of them Raffellos. These are all optional but I just wanted to I bring extra elements. Of course, I made cream cheese frosting, my fav and it works so much better as it’s creamy yum yum 😋 😋 😋 .

This cake was really moist and coconutty, if you love coconuts you will like this cake. I couldn’t taste the Malibu that much but I didn’t want to alter the texture and add too much Malibu as it could have made the cake too wet.


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Blood Orange Cake

When I think of oranges I don’t think of them being red, just orange so blood orange are unusual to me. I don’t remember trying blood orange well not that I know of, apparently they are known to be much sweeter then normal oranges but what I’m most fascinates me about them is the beautiful, vibrant red colour it’s captivating. I was hoping this vivid colour would carry through to the cake. 

I was so excited to see that red colour once I cut the orange open, however I was a hugely disappointed as the colour was a mix of orange and red and not fully red 🤔 I didn’t understand, why? 😔 I wanted that lovely pink for the icing but mine turned out a very dull pink, however this cake was amazing it had a lovely taste of orange and was really soft I enjoyed it and would make it again, hopefully with more of red coloured oranges. 


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