Pogácsa (po-gah-tcha), Hungarian for “biscuit’.

I wanted to try something new from ‘the book of buns’ which I’ve used previously to make Tootmanik. I love this book, it has the most amazing bread recipes from around the world. So instead of being boring it makes you explore the world of bread/bun recipes. After a very indulgent December of over eating a load of chocolates and other sweet stuff I wanted to bake something savoury. A lot of recipes include a starter dough, I still need to have a go at using a starter dough recipe. This one seemed quite simple and it had cheese in yummmmmm 🧀 . Love cheese!!!

After looking over the method it seemed that it was just like making a scone but a yeasted scone. So after all that it was a scone in the end of the day.

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Tootmanik s Gotovo Testo

It’s been a while since I made bread, a very long time but today was the day. It’s been a very rainy Bank Holiday Monday, literally all day, like come on, not just a couple of hours THE WHOLE DAY!!! but I shouldn’t really complain as the Saturday and Sunday have been really sunny and I have enjoyed it.

As I’ve had such a busy weekend I thought I would spend the Monday baking something a bit different and savoury, which is unlike me. Bread is the best thing to make when you have a lot of time on your hands. A while ago I bought a book called ‘the book of buns’, it’s an incredible book all relating to bread around the world. It has so many amazing recipes I want to try but it will probably happen on yet another rainy day!

The Tootmanik (I’ve shortened it sorry if I’m not supposed to be, really it a mouthful!) This was the first recipe I tried from the book, this recipe really intrigued and fascinated me. I really liked the abundance of feta cheese being used as I love feta and it was something I definitely wanted to try. Also this isn’t like your usual bread recipe, it’s more like flat bread, stuffed, layered kidnaof thing so completely different to the norm! which made me what to try it, even more, to find out the outcome.

The lathering of the butter on each layer and the top made the bread really soft, but it also is really chewy, and with the addition of the feta cheese and herbs it makes it so tasty. Something I would really enjoy eating on a beautiful day at a picnic.

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Pesto pull apart bread

It’s been a long while since I have posted anything savoury, so I thought why not?. I’m always inventive in the kitchen, for dinner, I don’t take any photos of it as the time it takes the photos all the food turns cold :( so I just stick mainly to baking.

I have made this pull apart bread before but the original version, which is so delicious.I like pull apart bread it’s all about sharing and fun. I like that there is a lot of flavours. I changed the version a pesto bread. We had a jar of vegi pesto (organic sacla) and I thought I would use this. I do find their pesto slightly salty so I wasn’t sure how much to use in the dough. As it was all an experiment if it didn’t turn out then I wasn’t too bothered. This however did work out but I still prefer the original spicy bread, I think there was a lot more stronger flavour. The bread turned out pillowy soft, moist and crunchy side. 

pesto pullapart pesto pullapart2 pesto pullapart3 pesto pullapart4 pesto pullapart5 pesto pullapart6 pesto pullapart7 pesto pullapart8 pesto pullapart9pesto pullapart10pesto pullapart11pesto pullapart12

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Hot Cross Goodies part 2

Hot cross buns are apparently traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday, I didn’t  know that. I actually made these for Good Friday lol tradition went totally out the window then!…I would love to eat them throughout the year as they’re amazing!

I have already tried a recipe for Hot Cross Buns last year it was a Paul Hollywood’s recipe check it out. This year I thought I would try Nigella’s I really like Nigella Lawson her recipes generally work out and they are easy to make and straight forward, she also doesn’t skimp on the fat and butter!!! but once in a while is all good. 

I slightly changed the method Nigella’s used to create the buns. I find the American style of making bread to work out much better, they usually had hot water/milk to the yeast and leave it for 5mins. This method for bread making has worked out better for me. 
hotcross-bunshotcross-buns2hotcross-buns3 hotcross-buns4 hotcross-buns5 hotcross-buns6 hotcross-buns7

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Quick cheese and jalapeno pretzels

Pretzel arereally popular nowadays and you always see them stalls in shopping centres. 

I really like the cinnamon ones nom nom nom sooooooooo yummy!!!! ♥

So these particular ones are not like the soft cinnamon ones you get, these are them ones which are slightly harder, I’ve had them in the fresh baked section in the supermarket, they generally have a plain one with corse salt or a load of grated cheese and have that chewy, dough texture. Well these one’s don’t have a chewy texture like that but this one wasn’t as hard as those. 

The extra good thing about this recipe is NO PROVING! wohoooo get in!!! so it’s quite quick and you can get baking as soon as.

Instead of making the plain pretzels(like the original recipe) I thought by adding cheese and jalapenos would be a nice explosion in your mouth…I chopped quite a few jalapenos but you can adjust it to your heat buds.


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Hot Cross Goodies

OOOOOoooooooooooo how I love it when Easter comes and do you know why eh eh eh? It’s all down to those little soft, spiced hot cross buns! I love them and of course the other reason why I like Easter is the Easter eggs, I don’t know what it about Easter egg chocolate that makes it taste so nice but it’s just sooooooooo nice!

So this year I thought I have to make my own batch of hot cross buns and I got really inspired and even more tempted to make my own after watching the Mr-good-old-Paul Hollywood baking program, he’s an amazing at baker oooooo yeh! I know that my hot cross buns wouldn’t be even close to Mr. Hollywood, but I wanted to give it a try. I liked how in this recipe he used an apple, I think with using the apple it would give the buns more moisture. 

hot-cross-buns hot-cross-buns2 hot-cross-buns3 hot-cross-buns5 hot-cross-buns4 hot-cross-buns6

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Awesome cheese and beer bread no kneading, no proving – easy peasy

cheese and beer bread1

I’m in ♥ with this bread. Like really ♥.

This is the third time I’ve made it and it’s never let me down.

Sorry for all the people who don’t drink, you do need beer – actually you could use non alcoholic beer I’ve not tried it but I think it’s worth having a go.

When I seen this recipe I liked the sound of beer and cheese together to make a bread. I had to try it, I was surprised at how quick and easy it was to make.

cheese and beer breadcheese and beer bread2

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