At work I had the idea of getting involved to raise money for Macmillain cancer research ‘World’s biggest coffee morning’ which takes place every year and enlisted in my lovely work colleagues to get involved to, which they were happy to do. With some planning and deciding on what we were going to make we were ready for the Friday. I designed all the price tags, made leaflets for the event, downloaded bunting from Macmillan to make the bunting and used the same bunting design to cover the trays.

‘Dee day’ Thursday day & night I was getting excited but slighlty nervous about baking thinking (would my cakes turn out?, would people buy them? and would people actually like them?) but I had to ‘keep calm and carry on’, I baked carrot cake, chocolate chip flapjacks and lemon curd muffins in all I ended up making over 45 pieces and between us we had over 100 pieces which included strawberry yoghurt cake, spiced apple cake, maid of honours (which I keep called maid of Marians lolol and ended up getting other people to say it to lolol ooops!) and chocolate cake.

I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night and woke up at 3.30am 🙁 🙁 on Friday morning I was running on any adrenaline I had to keep awake, today was all about sell sell sell! I was really pleased with all our cakes and ended up raising over £100 which was almost double the figure we were expecting! we are sooooo happy! it was definitely worth the effort we put in and we were really grateful with everyones generous denotations.

Here are some photos of the day (sorry about the poor quality they were taken from my phone).

I had made these little price tags for when we were trying to sell cakes to people outside our work.

& these are the three I made…