Although I have made carrot cake a lot of times I have never made them as cupcakes. This Easter I decided to break that mold and make them into a cupcake form. They look so cute and I always love everything in small size.

My previous recipes of carrot cake it uses 3 eggs and as I had only 2 eggs to use I had to use a new recipe and was happy with the results. The carrot cake was still fluffy and full of flavour and the cream cheese was creamy and not too sweet, which always works well with carrot cake.

Like usual the recipe for carrot cake is really simple and the only thing that takes a while is grating the carrots! Whilst these bad boys are baking and out the oven your kitchen will be filled with wonderful aromas of spice, it’s delicious! more reason to make them.

If you have a big batch of carrots, this is the best way to use them up.