I made these for my parents anniversary as my dad loves cheesecakes. I usually use cheesecake recipes from Jane’s patisserie, she is an amazing baker and has the most drool worthy cheesecakes ALSO her cheesecakes are fail safe.

I only wanted to make a small cheesecake for just four people, so I doubled up her cheesecake for two recipe. I also added a bit of a twist on her recipe and did something which I’ve never done before and put jam at the top of the base of the biscuit layer, for visual and taste purposes. It turned out well as it gave more of a raspberry punch and it looked nice too 😊. I wanted to cut the softness and creaminess of the cheesecake with a crumble of shortbread biscuits. As we all know raspberry and shortbread go well together…and it’s very Scottish – although I’m not!!

If you like the glasses I’ve used I brought them from IKEA a while ago for cheesecakes and desserts and this was the perfect excuse to use them.

The cheesecake was perfect, lovely smooth and tartness from the cream cheese and raspberry and that extra crunchiness from the shortbread biscuits. It’s a nice fruity and creamy dessert after your meal.