I’m not sure what the difference between the name of these pancakes are called are they Ebelskivers or Poffertjes? Maybe I should stick to calling them mini pancakes. I don’t want to get the wrong interpretation do I?

These little beauties aren’t your straight forward recipe of pancakes as a all in one mix, as you need to separate the eggs and whip the whites so they are white and fluffy.
The fact these bad boys were stuffed with nutella is just like the ultimate amazing thing EVER! This is what made me want to make this recipe that and the fact they look cute.

With these mini pancake, I used one of these pans called a poffertjes pan…it doesn’t have to be exactly like this one as there are different varieties out there but anything that looks a bit like it could be a doughnut hole, bit of a deep semi circle. I’m not sure if there is a way to create these without this sort of pan, sorry.

When I have been to European markets I seen them being made and thought look at the skill and how quickness in which they knock them out . I did find there is a bit of a knack to making these, and it took me a while to get them right. When filling the mixture in the pancake pan, put less then half then add a dollop of the nutella. Then make sure that the pancake mix is covering all of the nutella as when you turn the pancake over the nutella will not spread all over the place. Which I had the pleasure of finding out, when the nutella spilled out and seared into the pan 🤨🤣. Just have a practise with a few them you can do a batch after you have got it right. Once you have it sussed out you will be well on your way to making these delicious pancakes.

I thought this made quite a big batch, so if you want, just cut the recipe in half. You could also stuff it with other things like strawberry jam, peanut butter, blueberry jam, marmalade – whatever takes your fancy 😋.