Exploring Ealing broadway was something new to me, quite a nice little town with some nice shops a lovely church and amazing town hall, but my other interest was what they have to offer for lunch as I was getting hungry loll.

I found a lovely street which had some cafes, restaurants and came across this rustic come deli and grocery cafe.
As soon as you walk in your greeted a large chunky table with a amazing selection of cakes, that looked so tempting (but I couldn’t eat them 🙁 as it was Shravan). They sold a selection of fresh vegetables and fruits to buy (which I’ve never seen before in a cafe) and a large of number deli items which you can look at for a while whilst you wait for your food. It’s obviously very in touch with being organic, healthy as they sold a number of nuts, crackers and other items. I also liked the fact they sold a number of local produce.

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The other items they sold were fresh juices, smoothies, fresh salads and breads, sandwiches, mezze and cakes hehe I’m guessing it’s all home made it looked very fresh and delish, my ideal place for lunch. The fridge counter looked aaaaamazing, so tasty, so much choice and very tempting!
farmw5-8farmw5-10I ordered a veg platter to share, it included falafel, tabbouleh, hummus, fresh salad, a mix salad of feta, cucumber and feta, and the one item I was not looking forward to was stuffed vine leafs, this also was accompanied with a basket of fresh flat bread, which was far too many for us. I also ordered a fresh apple, pineapple and mint juice the combination was really fresh and tasty.
For three of us we found it plenty and was really well fed for lunch time, I found the food really tasty and to my surprise the most hated vine leaves were the best I’ve probably eaten, they weren’t those bland ones (that’s why I really don’t like it and also cold rice not really a fan too) they had tomato in and was seasoned well.

farmw5-14 farmw5-15

This place had a lovely rustic charm to it and amazing selection unusual items to buy. The seating area had a number of unusual paintings put up for sale I’m not sure if they are local artist but it was nice to see the different paintings around the room. 

I would defiantly recommend this place to eat, the food is scrummy, fresh and you feel as you’ve eaten healthy and nutritionally. Everything about it felt healthy actually.

Overal: ★★★★☆

Website: Farm w5