Luscious lemon curd muffins


I made these nearly a month ago for the Macmillain ‘World’s biggest coffee morning’ but these are something I’ve made a number of times before that, as per usual the idea came about for my mums love for lemon. I can’t actually remember why we  had a jar of lemon curd of how the lemon curd came about I’m not sure if we brought some or if we were given it or did I use it for another recipe?…ok I better stop coming up with reasons behind why I had a jar of lemon curd!…anyway I searched for a recipe for lemon curd muffins and came up with this recipe and when I first tried them we all found them amazing! my mum especially she really loved them for course.

Actually I think I remember something about the lemon curd we were in the supermarket and they were giving samples of lemon curd and meringues and we really liked it and then I found a recipe for a lemon and coconut sponge cake from their magazine and was going to try it for mothers day which I did and we had some lemon curd left over and that’s I THINK! were the whole lemon curd muffin recipe came about! wohooooooooooo there was a means to an end! Let me get back to recipe before you think I’m really weird, the original recipe states it will make 12 muffins but I like the big fat muffins, these ones aren’t the fattest but if you prefer small muffins then you can make 12, this will make about 8 I think it was.


[yumprint-recipe id=’22’]

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