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Olive & Red Pepper Focaccia

I don’t make bread often but I really wanted to make Focaccia, it’s one of those breads that is so soft, spongy and so flavoursome with all that olive oil. The BEST part of making this bread for me when I’m making this bread is getting my fingers in and poking holes in…

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Kimchi and cheese parathas

I was having a lazy Sunday and was watching Sunday Brunch on C4 as I would normally do on a Sunday…who else does this? I really like Simon and Tim and love the fact the program has SO much food 😋😋😋. On this particular episode the guest chef included Ravinder Bhogal. I’ve known…

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Sun-dried tomato biscotti

I haven’t tried savoury biscotti before I made them. In one of my previous post I made sweet biscotti – Chocolate, Cherry and Hazelnut Biscotti these were really yummy. I have a biscotti book that was given to me as a present, apart from the sweet biscotti were savoury recipes. I have always…

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