I was having a lazy Sunday and was watching Sunday Brunch on C4 as I would normally do on a Sunday…who else does this? I really like Simon and Tim and love the fact the program has SO much food 😋😋😋.

On this particular episode the guest chef included Ravinder Bhogal. I’ve known about her for a long time when she first came on the scene with Cook in Boots, she has a certain quirky style about her, which I like and she loves to mix Punjabi flavours with others, she is a big fan of fusion foods.

I like making parathas and of course eating them, I have tried to be experimental with my flavours but never as much as when Ravinder came up with this combination! I was quite inspired to make them. It actually made me realise, there is so many different combination of fillings and it doesn’t have to be Indian.

The addition of cheese was just another level! who doesn’t love melted cheese?

When making these parathas make sure that the kimchi is drained well so all the excess water is out.

See the recipe below but when I made these I made them without any measurements.