Spiced Gingerbread Trifle


I brought a huge trifle bowl a few years ago and STILL hadn’t used it. 

Then it got me thinking, I really should use it before it gathers even more dust. I really wanted to make a brownie trifle but seen as I was going to make this for a family get together and I have a lot of family who tend not too like much chocolate I had to scrap that idea. My next option was trolling through pinterest to inspire me and I definitely didn’t want a ‘standard’ English trifle. So no chocolate, no English trifle, it wasn’t too tricky as there are so many amazing recipes out there but I then seen recipes for Gingerbread trifle and I thought that’s it!, I want to make that. A lot of my family really liked the sticky ginger cake I made a few years ago, at least I knew that the cake would be a successful even if the trifle was a disaster. Gingerbread trifles seemed to be made mainly at Christmas time, I know very wrong season to be making it in Spring but this didn’t bother me. Some of these trifles also had apples in but I didn’t include this. Mine was layered with rich, gooey, caramel sauce, whipped cream and custard. Yes, a very indulgent and yummy recipe.

This trifle is hugeeeeeee! so best to make it when there is a lot of people coming, or you can just keep eating it yourself as it’s really yummy! However it just depends on the size of your trifle bowl, the one I used is 19x25cm (3L). I had 12 people round and there was still plenty left. I do have a smaller sized on which is 14x17cm (1.2L) and I would just half the recipe but still make the same sized cake as it’s just too yummy to make a small one!

I wasn’t very impressed with the layering and the looks of it personally, I found my layers didn’t come out as defined as other trifles I had seen, which was a bit of a bummer but actually I was really appreciative with the lovely comments I received from everyone who ate it, they really liked it. Which is what matters really. I actually think it was due to the fact there was double cream, caramel sauce, ginger nut biscuits and custard (talk about fattening lol) so it has a lot of flavours that people love. The taste of the ginger cake is there but it does slightly get overshadowed with the other ingredients. I did give my ginger cake extra ginger flavour to make sure that it does taste more gingery.


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