Madeleine fine coffee cafe is based in the cube in Birmingham.

After looking at some of the tempting good quality cakes on the their Facebook page I was really excited to go.

We noticed from the large windows when we arriving to the cafe how buzzing and busy it was for a Sunday afternoon with so many people. We were quite shocked, we arrived a bit earlier then we booked and with some issues with our booking they managed to sort it out quickly and sit us down.

The cafe itself it nicely decorated with a lot of wooden rustic them and exquisite cakes and sandwiches on display. The cafe was clean and neat and all the produce labeled so you know what everything was and how much it was too.  

We sat down to a cute table with a white tablecloth that were specifically placed for the people who having afternoon tea. I liked how they folded the napkin. 

Madeleine 1

We booked the afternoon tea with a glass of precesso and decided to have that first. It was a nice touch adding the strawberry.

Madeleine 2

The waitress asked if we were vegetarians but I said no were are pescetarian (when I made the booking I made a note that we were pescetarian) she was a bit unsure about the gelatine in the desserts but she made an effort to ask the chef. As for the main event…here it is…..

Madeleine 3 Madeleine 4 Madeleine 5 Madeleine 6

One of the desserts contained gelatine so I asked could we replace it with something else and the waitress gave us this amazing orange cake!!!

Madeleine 11

These were the sandwiches, an avocado and whole grain mustard, smoked salmon with dill cream cheese and one called vegetarian on the menu, we weren’t actually sure abut this one, we did feel we could have done with a bit more of the filling. Apart from that one we really enjoyed the sandwiches, they were seasoned well and tasted nice and fresh.

Madeleine 12Madeleine 10Madeleine 9

The appetisers/canapes were something different. I really liked the toast with the fig (originally this came with ham but they gave us fig) and something we weren’t really sure of. Later we asked the main lady who said it was apricot cream, I’m not a real fan of sweet and savoury mixed together but I think this worked really well. The cream wasn’t that sweet and the fig worked really well. I like the smoked salmon and it was a big piece, the tomato was stuffed with cream cheese but there was no seasoning so I added a bit of salt and pepper.

Madeleine 8
Madeleine 14

After the savoury items I moved to the scones. These were still lovely and warm and there was lovely jam and cream to go with it. The scones were soft and crisp around the edge. They were a good size and tasted nice. With my scone I order a decafe cappuccino and it was really nice coffee, I really enjoyed it.

Madeleine 16
Madeleine 17

We sat amongst a row of other people who were having afternoon tea as well. 

Madeleine 15Madeleine 18Madeleine 22Madeleine 21Madeleine 20Madeleine 19Madeleine 23Madeleine 24

Overall I really enjoyed my afternoon tea experience at Madeleine they serve amazing quality food all freshly made, with good quality ingredients and if I’m in Birmingham again I would go and have a lovely sandwich and amazing cake. I gave it a 1/2 star off as there was just a few things there could have done slightly better but I really did enjoy it. The staff were rushed off their feet but our waitress still helped us with our dietary requirements and were attentive.

Overall: ★★★★ 1/2 (sorry not sure how to show 1/2 star)

Website: Madeleine