The Case Restaurant is a wine and champagne bar restaurant based in Leicester. This was my first time at Case, I looked at the website, before I went there as you generally do (well I do!) I must say is a bit busy for my liking! 

Most the items on the menu was something I could eat and I found something I really wanted to try and I was really looking forward to trying it. 

The restaurant is based upstairs, the decor inside had a mixture of traditional with contemporary touches, I really liked the huge windows overlooking St Martins Square. The restaurant itself had a nice relaxing atmosphere, it felt quite chilled out and relaxing. The waitress who was serving us was really polite, took our coats and read the specials. I realised then the menu posted online was different to the one in the restaurant. The waitress did point that they haven’t updated the menu online. The dish I was looking forward to eating wasn’t unfortunately offered which was disappointing. It does annoy me when you set out to eat something and they don’t offer it.

We were given fresh bread and butter whilst we were waiting for our starters. I ordered the hot smoked salmon with salad, it was nicely presented and was plentiful, I was surprised with the portion of salmon they gave. I did think they it could have done with some dressing for the salad as that didn’t come with any dressing at all.
Case 1

For mains I ended up ordering sea bass with fennel and cous cous, I’m not a fan of fennel so I asked if I could change the fennel for something else, which they were happy to do and I ended up with sun dried tomatoes. The fish was cooked well with a nice crispy skin and flakely fish. There was a lot of cous cous, it was seasoned I still added a bit more seasoning but that’s just me! I did like the fish there was too much cous cous I couldn’t eat it all. I did think cous cous it a bit of a cop out, I would have preferred fresh vegetables.  

Case 2

And for the dessert I went for the sticky toffee pudding. The cake was moist and flavoursome and the sauce was thick and luxurious. 

Case 3

I usually don’t have a three course menu I was full and felt satisfied.

I would go to Case again but I would ring up and find out what they are offering on the menu first, which is quite annoying, I think they need to update their menu. The food was nice and service was good too. 

Overall I would give it 4 as I think there was some things they could improve on.

Overall: ★★★★☆

Website: The Case Restaurant