The Blue Fin restaurant is in a lovely town of Kenilworth. It’s a seafood and grill restaurant.

We chose this as it had quite a few options fish options which was great for us.  There were very good reviews on Trip as well, we were very tempted by the photographs of the food they looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The restaurant itself is quite pleasant and decorated with quite opulence style. I loved the red velvet booths and the gold framed mirrors surrounding the place. Some of the wallpaper mismatched but that’s just me being fussy.

There was a few things in the menu that needed to be catered for us, they used parmesan in few of their food, the waiter did have to ask and find out a few things but he was very patient, polite and he accommodated our requirements. The one disappointed thing was the lunch menu didn’t have any choices for vegetarians. I believe there should be at least one/two vegetarians options in all restaurants and even the waiter himself did realise this needs to be sorted. However they did cater for the vegetarian in our group. For starters I ordered a prawn pil pil accompanied with bread this was like a prawn ‘soup’ with lots of olive oil, chillies, garlic and there was some sort crispy thing on top of it. It was really tasty, I’ve never had anything like it before but really enjoyed it and would recommend it again. There was also a lot of prawns as well which surprised me. 

bluefin 1

This was a sharing board looked really stunning, it was presented really amazingly on the round slate board, it had amazing colours and textures. It had smoked salmon, mackerel and trout mousse, anchovies and salmon and seaweed, all served with bread. I really enjoyed the mousse and salmon, I do find anchovies really salty anyway so I wasn’t really bothered about them. The salmon and seaweed wasn’t too bad. 

bluefin 2

For the mains I chose fish pie which is always a classic and so comforting. I love eating fish pie but it’s one of those dishes that can go very wrong, I was hoping that the fish pie wasn’t going to disappoint me.

bluefin 3
bluefin 6


So as you can see from the photograph I was slightly disappointed my fish pie was very watery, however it was tasty so it did make up for it.

The other dish included seafood linguine. This dish looked appetising with plenty of seafood, it tasted nice and was well seasoned. 

bluefin 4

The other dish was the classic fish and chips. The chips and fish were cooked well, nice crispy and tasty flakey fish and thick chunky fluffy chips.

bluefin 5

Overall we were all impressed with the food and if we are in the area we will return. The service was good and great food. 

Overall: ★★★★☆

Website: Blue Fin Restaurant