I absolutely ♥ this place, the food and everything about it!
Bodega is a south American restaurant based in Birmingham city centre, it’s fun and funky and laid back kinda of place with amazing decor. I like the bright colours but it’s not of the garish kind! it reminds me of a cafe in South America.

I first went to Bodega a couple of years ago whilst stumbling across it with a friend, I wasn’t sure what I ordered but I remembered it being tasty. They do a variety of street foods, small plates and large plates, the usual burritos, tacos, quesadillas etc.

I have been here twice recently this year, and they have the best I mean the best tasting nachos, I’ve ever had. If you go there you must try them! the guacamole and salsa are fresh and very tasty. The load it with ample of cheese and they don’t skimp on the guacamole or salsa either, the small size is quite large and will be adequate as a starter to share for about 4 people or a main for one even then it’s still quite filling! 

For the first recent visit I ordered the seafood taco(which was tasted very fresh and was seasoned very well) and shared the nachos, batatas fries (these are made from sweet potato and have a crispy coating) these were delicious and something you must try too! I also tried a one of the stuffed jalapeños and some of my friends burger de frijol a la mexicana, I did find this lacked a lot of spice and flavour however I do like my food quite spicy I wasn’t overly impressed with the burger.

For the most recent visit I ordered to share with a friend, the seafood taco, however this wasn’t as tasty as the first time. The nachos and the batas fries these where still the same consistent taste, really tasty. 

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to dabble in a bit of the cocktails however much I’ve wanted to as I’ve been driving 🙁 🙁 but they look amazing and will hopefully be able to have one one day.

Overal: ★★
This place is somewhere I would go again again especially to have the amazing nachos! The service and staff are friendly enough too!

Website: Bodega