Lotus millionaire traybake

I have been waiting to make these little bad boys for quite some time now. I really love anything Lotus. I actually didn’t follow the recipe fully as I made some Lotus cheesecakes for a family lunch and let’s say I didn’t read the recipe properly and I only needed half the recipe, luckily it was only the base that I had double amount of not the cheesecake filling! Anyway I decided that this would be the perfect time to make these as I could replace base of the cheesecake mixture for the base of millionaire shortbread.

I did I was struggle a bit with making the caramel, but as Jane said on her recipe, this is can be a bit tricky to make. I didn’t quite get the fudge as dark as I wanted it to be but I didn’t have time to make it dark…places to go, people to see!

Although this recipe isn’t hard to make (apart from me getting the fudge part wrong) it’s a bit time consuming as each layer needs to set in the fridge and you can’t move on from one layer until the other layer is set! I cut these in small pieces as they are super rich. I couldn’t handle one 5x5cm size (normal size) wayyyyyy too much! that little piece of appreciation is more then enough for me!

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