Mushroom, Vegetable and Black bean burgers

I really fancied having a tasty Vegi burger, I keep hearing and seeing all new burger joints being opened up across the UK. I think it’s definitely the on-trend food at the moment and it got my taste buds going to making my own. These burgers aren’t your normal burgers, I love the fact they are made from mushrooms, not one of those whole mushrooms stacks that you see in my burger joints and seriously how do you bite into one of those? Actually lets not get started on how I’m such a messy eater and do struggle eating burgers, it’s definitely not something I have grasped how to work out, usually it ends up in a complete utter mess, food all over my plate, hands dirty and you can’t imagine how many napkins I go through, probably end up killing a tree!. 
Anyway forget talking about my messy eating habits, back on the burger. I love the vibrant outburst of green, yellow and red in these burgers, quite bright and rainbow like, it made them look more appealing as you know burgers patties are just not that appealing especially Vegi ones. I like the fact these burgers kept it’s shape and it had different textures so gave it a bit of a bit of a bite. I added extra flavourings and a bit of spice to make sure it’s full of flavour.
[yumprint-recipe id=’157′]

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