Carrot Cake part 3

If you don’t know, the cake I’m most known for is Carrot Cake, it’s famous not just with family and friend but also work colleagues. It’s also my go-to cake and never fails me, I’ve been using the same recipe for such a long time but I did switch it up and have a go with another carrot cake recipe from the GBBO, only as Paul and Mary couldn’t contain their excitement over it, like seriously I’ve never seen them excited over a carrot cake before and I remember Paul saying it was the best carrot cake he has ever eaten (like jaw dropping reaction!). I was like WOW, if they must like it, then I have to try it….and….NO it didn’t meet my expectations, it was just your average carrot cake but with extra orange and spice flavour. :s
I carried on using the ’signature’ recipe until I came across this other carrot cake recipe. I was very very wowed with the photos and how they described it as being a very moist cake. I was actually telling my boss about this latest discovery of this amazing carrot cake, but she did say that why try something new when you have cracked it with yours, but the ever old silly me, just had to try it as I love trying new bakes and you never know, what if it did work out even better than the original?. But, yet again I wasn’t actually that impressed, I still felt my original recipe still had it. I made this cake to take to a family dinner and was super excited to try it, as I was expecting some miracle cake, but….yes, I was still left disappointed :(. Neither of my family members or I liked it boo :(, they all said the original is much better and why did I try something new. 
I cake itself did look nice and hold it’s shape and also it was easy to make but the texture was hard to explain it was more dense/rubbery not light like the one I make, the flavours were nice but I think I may have learnt my lesson now, just STICK to the original. :p I just need a reason to make the carrot cake again and stuff my face with it.

[yumprint-recipe id=’159′]

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