Turtle bay is a chain of Carribean restaurants.

I always have date night with one of my friends and it does get tricky to know where to eat, we are also both fussy eaters which doesn’t help! my friend did suggest Turtle Bay and after checking the menu out there wasn’t a whole of items that took my fancy as I’m not really a fan of coconut milk and goats cheese in my opinion one of the most horrible cheese around yuk. The one thing that did take my fancy which I thought had more normal flavours was the jerk salmon. I know it’s bad but I have never eaten anything with jerk seasoning on it, so I was really excited about trying this, I visioned a crispy/slightly blackened heavily seasoned salmon.

The place was really buzzing and had such a great atmosphere when we entered so I thought so far so good. I heard good things about the cocktails but I didn’t really fancy one, however something that did take my fancy was ginger beer that was homemade. When the ginger beer came it was huggggeeeee! it came in a glass bottle not a glass! I ordered the jerk salmon with side of sweet potato fries the other option was sweet potato mash. I think as it was so busy the food did take a while to come, when it did arrive the portion was quite reasonable and the presentation looked good, I especially liked how the fries were in a little bucket quite cute. The salmon however didn’t live up to my expectation, it was not spicy and flavoursome as I expected, so slightly disappointed with the salmon, however the fries were really tasty. The salmon wasn’t overcooked so that was a plus. My friend also felt the same and found the salmon lacked taste.
Turtle BayTurtle Bay1

I don’t think I would order the salmon again but looking at the menu again there was a lot of starters/snacks that I thought sounded interesting and maybe would be back for them. The place is really buzzing and has a great atmosphere so I would be back for drinks and the sweet potato fries.

Overal: ★★★☆☆

Website: Turtle bay