I’ve heard all about London Road in Sheffield from a few people. It has a number of different cuisine and is quite authentic. It’s quite a long road and I came in from the Waitrose end. There was a few restaurants that took our fancy but as we were not after something quick and a bit stodgy we decided to go to Amigos a mexican restaurant. The place was clean and white, but it didn’t have that fiery and warm Mexican decor to it that I would have expected. There was splashes of green and orange throughout and I liked the brick desk, I did however like how they put the sauces in a basket. 

Considering the rest of the restaurants were quite authentic I would have thought that this would have been authentic Mexican with the owners being Mexican but they weren’t. The great thing about this place is you could bring your own drink which I didn’t realise until have :(. 

The food I ordered wasn’t tasty I found it very mehiocar, I was expecting it to be quite tasty and spicy food but it didn’t come through. My friend ordered a chicken fajita and wasn’t impressed too. The food was quite cheap but I suppose you get what you paid for. I did however think the tortilla and salsa was quite fresh.

I don’t think I would go to this place again however the good points were that it was clean, cheap and you can take your own drink.

Overal: ★★☆☆☆

Website: Amigos Mexican Kitchen