Alley Cafe is a cosy veg/vegan cafe in Nottingham city centre. The cafe is actually based upstairs although they do have some outdoor seating downstairs. 

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been here I’ve also went for lunch and enjoyed the salad I brought, this time I went for dinner there. 

The place is quite quirky and really relaxed, there a number of different paintings up around the wall that are for sale and different ornaments.

The menu is quite cosmopolitan with a variety of different cuisines including Mexican, Asian, Italian and more. They also sell sandwiches, vegan/veg cakes, they have a bar that’s licensed and sell cocktails (which I couldn’t have as I was driving boo hoo). They also have a amazing breakfast menu and specials board.
Alley-cafe Alley-cafe1

I ordered the tempeh burger, I’ve always wanted to try tempeh and when I seen it on the menu I knew exactly what I was going to get. It was a spiced tempeh burger, however when I ordered it I did ask for extra chillies (which they were more then happy to add on) as you know I like it hot!

I thought seen as I was ordering a fat burger I would be even more fatter and order a milkshake. I didn’t realise that all the milkshake were made from soya and to be honest I wasn’t keen at all but the guy assured me that I would not taste the difference, still I was not convinced, lucky my friend brought a vanilla and coconut one which I tried and actually the waiter was totally right, it was actually nice so I ordered a chocolate and caramel milkshake.

The burger came with home made chunky wedges, they were tasty although I do thing they skimped on the portion, as I’ve never tried tempeh it was a new experience to me and I actually really liked the taste, however it definitely wasn’t spicy enough for me. The burger was hugeeeee and came with a good helping of salad and a pot of fresh relish. I’m such a bad eater that I kept getting food everywhere so I decided to get the burger out and eating it without the bap, I also got to taste more the tempeh more.

I do like this place it’s really chilled out and has good nutritious food, hopefully next time I can a cheeky drink too! The only criticism I have is the place it’s small and seating does get taken up quite quickly, we sat at the bar which wasn’t the easiest place to eat but last time I went I was lucky enough to get a proper seat it was quite packed then too. So take that into consideration when you think of eating there.

Overal: ★★★★☆

Website: Alley Cafe