Pogácsa (po-gah-tcha), Hungarian for “biscuit’.

I wanted to try something new from ‘the book of buns’ which I’ve used previously to make Tootmanik. I love this book, it has the most amazing bread recipes from around the world. So instead of being boring it makes you explore the world of bread/bun recipes. After a very indulgent December of over eating a load of chocolates and other sweet stuff I wanted to bake something savoury. A lot of recipes include a starter dough, I still need to have a go at using a starter dough recipe. This one seemed quite simple and it had cheese in yummmmmm 🧀 . Love cheese!!!

After looking over the method it seemed that it was just like making a scone but a yeasted scone. So after all that it was a scone in the end of the day.

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Tiramisu truffle balls

Oh hey, bye bye 👋 2017 and bring on 2018 🎉, let’s hope it brings happiness for everyone.

So as my first post of 2018, this year I still want to carry on with my baking and cooking adventure. I want to experience different taste and experiences as I do every year and yet I still am greatly in love with food and I don’t think that will ever stop!

Over the holidays I did some baking (of course) it was very Christmasy based. I made some gingerbread men finally after having my cutter for 2 years! yes I know, how bad is that?! unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph them. I also made Lebkuchen these are spiced German biscuits and are AMAZING they bring the most amazing smells of Christmas waft through the house, I just love them and their intense spiced flavour.

Back to this post, these tiramisu truffles were made for NYE, I celebrated with my family, the best way for me. I thought these truffles would bring a little bit of sparkle into the new year and I had to add a bit of liquor obviously. I really love tiramisu and when I came across these I was super excited to make them and thought they would fit perfectly for NYE.

These truffles are super easy to make and it does resemble the lovely flavour of tiramisu.


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Eggless Bounty Cups

I made these cups for diwali treats, they are prettier (or maybe more rustic looking 🙃😄) then your usual Bounty bars. They are lovely tasting cups with the gooey, rich, sweet coconut filling and crisp outer chocolate.

These were a bit time consuming to make so just remember to be patient, oh and also silicon paper cases would help but as I didn’t have any I used paper cases and made the chocolate shell a bit thicker so they would be easier to get the cups out. As these were also fiddly to remove from their casing they can also break really easy so a patch job is needed. 

I did like making (and eating these! 😄) although they were not the easiest. I would make them again as they tasted really yummy!


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Mushroom, Vegetable and Black bean burgers

I really fancied having a tasty Vegi burger, I keep hearing and seeing all new burger joints being opened up across the UK. I think it’s definitely the on-trend food at the moment and it got my taste buds going to making my own. These burgers aren’t your normal burgers, I love the fact they are made from mushrooms, not one of those whole mushrooms stacks that you see in my burger joints and seriously how do you bite into one of those? Actually lets not get started on how I’m such a messy eater and do struggle eating burgers, it’s definitely not something I have grasped how to work out, usually it ends up in a complete utter mess, food all over my plate, hands dirty and you can’t imagine how many napkins I go through, probably end up killing a tree!. 
Anyway forget talking about my messy eating habits, back on the burger. I love the vibrant outburst of green, yellow and red in these burgers, quite bright and rainbow like, it made them look more appealing as you know burgers patties are just not that appealing especially Vegi ones. I like the fact these burgers kept it’s shape and it had different textures so gave it a bit of a bit of a bite. I added extra flavourings and a bit of spice to make sure it’s full of flavour.
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Cheesy Courgette Scones

Well I never knew you could make scones with courgettes, who knew? but then again, I think there are so many scone recipes that I’ve come across. I loved the kale and blue cheese scones I made. They were unusual also and really tasty!

I like courgettes, they are quite versatile and best of all they are the original sprizialise  vegetable. These scones were quite tasty and with the addition of courgette, they were healthy right?

I adjusted the original recipe and omitted the sugar and replaced the sour cream with greek yoghurt which worked out fine.

courgette-scones courgette-scones2 courgette-scones3courgette-scones5courgette-scones6courgette-scones7courgette-scones8courgette-scones9courgette-scones10courgette-scones12

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Chilli, Cheese and Potato Empanadas


Cornish pasty, Gyoza, Samosas, Burek, Spanakopita every country has their own style of pastries and this is a Latin Europe/American one. I have tried these before and enjoyed them, I decided I will make them one day and today was the day!

I have a deep love for cook/baking books but I have a lot of them and have a bad habit of just drooling over the pics making a recipe or two and then it goes back on the bookshelf, some books I haven’t even made anything from! I really have to hold back from wasting my money on them but sometimes I really get so tempted and on this occasion I took the plunge and recently brought the book ‘baking with vegetables’.


This book is awesome, I was really inspired, the recipes are amazing all based with vegetables and they are sweet and savoury. The first recipe that took my fancy was the kale and blue cheese scones, which were really tasty and this empanadas one. 

The sound of chilli and cheese together is something that grabs my attention them two work well together. I really like fresh chillies in food it’s so tasty and melting cheese all i think of is ohhhhh gooeyyyyy cheese yummy, it just such an amazing combination. 

I did make changes to this recipe, the originally recipe grilled the chillies but I decided to use fresh chillies and seasoned the flour. The recipes was said to make 12 empanadas but whilst I rolled it out I realised the pastry was to thick, I’m not a fan of really thick pastry and rolled mine to £1 thickness. 


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Guinness Chocolate Truffles

Guinness truffles5

So my second attempt with the left over Guinness were these Guinness truffles. These were quite simple to make but very messy when rolling out the truffles into a ball. My truffles are more rustic like then balls like lol, oh well I think they look like truffles.

I didn’t find the taste of the Guinness came through strongly and I did add a slight bit more to the mixture. There is more of a full of chocolate taste then Guinness taste. 

These truffles are a nice treat to finish off a lovely meal, they are rich, tasty and indulgent.

Guinness trufflesGuinness truffles2Guinness truffles3Guinness truffles4Guinness truffles5Guinness truffles6Guinness truffles7Guinness truffles9Guinness truffles10


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Mini Feta, Olive and Rosemary Muffins

I was still in the mood of using my mini muffin tin after making my Mini Christmas Muffins. There is always more of a demand of having savoury foods in my house, so I thought I would look for a recipe used the measurements for mini muffins.

I wanted to add Olives and Feta not Goats Cheese yuk!

These were quire tasty but they do look quite anaemic. As like my Christmas muffins, I can’t seem to get the colour on these mini bad boys! I’m not sure why it is? 

These are really easy to make, so give it a go and they look so cute too!

mini savoury muffins mini savoury muffins2 mini savoury muffins3 mini savoury muffins4 mini savoury muffins5 mini savoury muffins6 mini savoury muffins7

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Savoury muffins

I do enjoy eating cheese savoury muffins. I have a recipe on my blog for Cheese and Spinach savoury muffins already. They were really yummy but they did take a long time to make, so I wanted a quicker recipe to try for those times when your in a rush and need your instant savoury muffin hit.

These muffins turned out really well, I really liked this recipe, it was the basic wet to dry mix and they turned out moist and light. I would definately use these for my quick recipe fix.

The website I used has a number of different amazing veg recipes I would check it out, she’s really good.


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Broad bean, lemon and feta patties

There was an abundance of broad beans in my house this year!!! I actually really like them, they are great in salads with a bit of lemon, olive oil, mixed herbs and of course chilli flakes! They have a perfect marriage with feta complete yumminess! I thought why don’t I combine these two partners to make an amazing little baby children!

I made this recipe up myself, I like having snacks even though they can be unhealthy, as these have broad beans in them I thought they are not that unhealthy right?


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